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Thread: Greetings from tiekeyana Pen Pal Requist

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    Default Greetings from tiekeyana Pen Pal Requist

    Hello My name is Tiekeyana=baby, First time I Posted her.
    Well anyway I am setting here thinking of what just to post that would be interesting to the rest of you, my whole thing with being the way i am is not just because i am the way i am because i want a friend to talk to like we did when we were young, share our likes and dislikes understand each other and play together, hid and go seek , go hiking, Go to the movies,I love conversations about time travel, space time continuous, Reincarnation and rejuvenation, i still believe in Miracles, and never frowning old always been a child and will always be a child . I Go to adult school at a high school almost finish my class looking forward to graduate in June. I am taking English, Critical thing class, i am learning a lot in that class, as you can see i do not have it down pack yet so please be nice on my run on sentences OK? work in progress. well anyway i will talk more tomorrow about more stuff.,Funny i have so much to say until i actually have to make my own introduction and i get tough tight. l
    with love from tiekeyana PS I have -(Extra Sensory perception) Also For those who was wondering, and yes your room is a mess.

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    Welcome to ADISC. Hope you will like it here. Do you have a favorite diaper?

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    Hello, welcome to ADISC ^_^ hope you enjoy it here

    Quote Originally Posted by tiekeyana View Post
    your room is a mess.
    lol how did you know?

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    It would be really cool to talk to you. I've been looking for a penpal. Do you have an email?

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    Default Hello

    It would be really cool to talk to you. I've been looking for a penpal. Do you have an email?
    Here is my look forward from hearing from you soon

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    Your email didnt post. You might want to send me a PM with it.

    Hope we can talk soon!

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