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Thread: Hot/Cold pack Plushies

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    Smile Hot/Cold pack Plushies

    I went to a dogshow on Saturday, there was a local lady selling plushies with hot/cold gel packs inside of them. I thought that they would be of interest to some of the people here on ADISC looking for new squeezable friends.

    The site is .

    I got the large husky - he's super-soft, but a bit on the "heavy" side. I'd say about 1-2lb total due to the gel packs in his stomach and legs. The packs are all sewn in and not removable, and are non-toxic.

    From the information packet I got with mine:

    "Hot Pak Huggies contain a non-toxic, water based gel pack that can be used hot or cold. Pop them in the microwave and it becomes a warm hug. put them in the freezer and they become a soothing cold compress. We have sizes to meet everyone's needs...from Boo Boo Huggies for the little ones to extra-large for those of us that need an extra-large hug!"

    I'll be honest, though...putting a plushie in a microwave and setting it for 2 minutes just seems sort of...demented. I sorta had to whimper when I did it...

    ..but the fact that he's all warm and cuddly for a few hours (4-5) afterwards is just pure awesomeness. <3!
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    I wrote the link up but apparently you beat my edit. Seems interesting but I just feel somewhat hardheated at the fact of putting an innocent plushie with that pain!

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    Yeah, it is -really- demented watching your plushie spin around on a microwave hot plate. I feel sorta bad doing it...but gaaah, its all warm now!

    I tossed it to my room-mate afterwards and the reaction was priceless. He was all " O.o? ......dude, its...WARM!??"

    Now to leave him chillin' next to the ice cream to get it all cold for tomorrow night. See if I can freak one of the roomies out with that one. *^^*

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    I got one of those back in.... I think August. It's a fox. I haven't actually frozen/heated it though. Also, it's my only fox plushie so far that isn't Tails.

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