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    Default WARNING: Geeky ranting inside

    I did not realize how much my AMD Phenom 9600 was bottlenecking my system..

    On impulse, yesterday I randomly decided to purchase an AMD Phenom x3 720 BE. I dropped it right in and after some fiddling, I had it up to 3.5 Ghz on air, using the stock cooler from my 9600..

    I am just about able to max out Crysis on this thing!!
    And, since I have a BIOSTAR TA790GX series board, I can unlock the 4th core - Although I tried yesterday and it Blue-Screened in about 15 minutes with Prime95.. Maybe I need to give it more voltage for that 4th core to work, or maybe it is defective.. but man, either way there is a MASSIVE difference in my system.

    AMD Phenom x3 720 BE - 3.5 Ghz @ 17.5 multiplier & 1.45 vcore, RAM timings 4-5-4-15


    AMD Phenom x3 720 Black-Edition
    8 GB PC6400 DDR2 RAM (OCZ)
    BIOSTAR TA790GX 128M

    This thing freed up my desktop.. I'm curious, however, I have never tried to do "Benchmarking" how would I go about doing this, I am curious how my desktop stacks up to my Notebook - which has the i7-720QM

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    Holy shit dude. How much did that cost you? Pre-built or custom built?

    It could be as you said, you might not have enough power running to unlock all of your quad core. Although I don't know a damn thing about most of this stuff yet.

    Sorry I can't answer your question, but computer stuff gets me pumped to learn. :)

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    Well, I built the tower myself. The notebook, was the result of some crazy-ass quality case manager at HP going WAY overboard. It is a LONG story.

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    For benchmarking, take a look at 3DMark by Futuremark. It's one the best programs I know of for system benchmarking

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    Try upping the voltage to get that fourth core stable, you also might want to try upping the HT link/Chipset voltage a notch too, it might help.

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    It's quite possible that the fourth core is screwy; that's how they increase manufacturing yields. Same reason that the cell processors in PS3's have one SPE disabled: they can still use chips with one SPE broken. A lot of times, the fourth core might be okay, but there's a good chance it's not. If you're already at 1.45 Vcore, you might be headed for trouble much higher, on a stock cooler. You should check out your ram voltages too, sometimes people keep upping the Vcore, when it's the ram that's causing instability.

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    i wouldent put the Vcore any higher than 1.50 for stabalising the 4th core and on that voltage i would be pretty dam shure to have some serious cpu, NB, SB and chipset cooling and 25cm case fans x2 also you will want heatsinks and fans for the mosfets at that voltage. Without all the extra cooling accessaries there is a good chance of burn out and / or bsod / other unresolvable hardware related issues that will cost alot more to fix then the buying the cooling parts. You will want to make shure that your cpu fan runs at at least 8400 RPM preflably above that and also that you have accurate temp, RPM, sensors for the cpu, NB, SB, Chipset and Mosfets.

    Warning Messing with the voltages is very very risky. The amount of cpu's, ram, mobos and other components i have burnt out and damaged in the past when i was learning about the voltage settings and configiration combination effects........ Well lets just say i lost count but certanly in the hundreads. So do not put the Vcore up to 1.50 unless you have the cooling accsessories sugested above

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    I have no experience with overclocking until I recently discovered it I don't think I will mess with the unit until I have proper cooling, until then it remains at 3.5 GHZ..

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    Thats pretty freaking sweet. My video card is getting old, and my dad won't replace it because it's too expensive, so i'll have to convince him when we get more money...

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