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    I dont know if anyone on here listens to owl city, but a really close friend of mine loves there song Fireflies. So i was looking around through there merchandise site to see if there was anything that might be nice to get her for her birth day, and i found this. So, i was thinking, would anyone on here buy it? Keep in mind this is coming from a site that sells a lot of merchandise, so its not like there going to pack it in a special box that will say "Here's your adult onsie!" It will probably just have a nice design and say district Lines. That and $40 is not bad for a onsie, should i say not? So would anyone on here consider buying it?

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    well i already have sleeper but that would be a nice gift if your friend loves the group and would wear it. I would say go for it. ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokuei View Post
    well i already have sleeper but that would be a nice gift if your friend loves the group and would wear it. I would say go for it. ^_^
    Well they dont know about my dl side at all, and there not a dl/*b i just saw that when i was looking to get them a t shirt lol

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    I like owl city but as of late I've started to hate fireflies. I'm the radio DJ at my school and you have no idea how many people requested that song.

    It would be a cool gift. Even if I weren't TB I would like a nice warm set of footy pajamas with my favorite band's name on it.

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    It would be a very nice gift. I think I will have to buy that for my boyfriends' birthday. So a belated thanks with the help shopping.

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    Personally I'm not into the whole onesie thing, but maybe I will when I'm living on my own.
    And yes I like Owl City very much. Its one of the only bands that will make me happy when I'm feeling down.
    Out here in minnesota a lot of people like them!

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    That song... perhaps the whole theme of the band... has the whole Peter Pan syndrome thing going on for itself. Not surprised they sell onesies with their name on it.

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