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Thread: who do you prefer to be babied by

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    Question who do you prefer to be babied by

    Would you prefer to have your spouse baby you(Change bottle/breastfeed feed etc..) , a nanny or other or all.

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    I would of course if they were into it, mostly its just me who does it all.

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    At the moment i dont have anyone to baby me, i wish i did though. I really need it with everything thats going on in my life the depreshion and all.

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    My significant other (girlfriend) Yuri...she's my Mama! I dunt want nobody else babying me, that would be weird...

    To be honest, though, even though I'd prefer babying from Mama...I would allow other people to 'baby' me if it was just treating me like a real little cub. I couldn't let it happen if I thought for even a second they were just seeing me as a 'freak in a diaper' :/

    Edit: Actually, somewhat amending my answer here; I would prefer, if, when I am in babymode, the 'world' babies me. What I mean is...everybody treats me like a child. So I go to a shop to buy candy and a comic book, it's no big deal. Just...little comments and privileges people often give to kids...would make the experience soooo much richer.

    That's all fantasy though, unless I figure out a way to make myself look 6 years younger
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    I prefer only my wife to baby me. But sometimes I rather do it my self. It all depends on how I feel at that moment and what my needs are.

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    Well for me. Before any sort of role playing or babying gose on, I would prefer that we get to know each other. I mean I could not just let someone baby me even if they where into this. And they do have to be into tb/abism. Maby if they are like a friend or my girlfriend or someone I trust. I would not feel right about it other wise.

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    I think I'd prefer to have a Nanny or Daddy, rather than my wife.

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    I would definitely have it be my wife because I would think that it would be something special that we can share together.

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    I think it would be great to have my wife baby me and take care of me. Once in awhile it would be nice to have a nanny or a babysitter watch me.

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