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    Default Body Hair

    I know we have a thread for shaving below the belt and I thought we could use a place to talk about body hair. Weather you love it or hate it we all have it.

    I don't like body hair and resently I have started shaving different areas of the body (chest arms) stuff like that and then I got to the legs and it takes forever.

    So the main point of this thread is to discus body hair, share your experiances, and if you have any questions about it.

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    I have body hair...I don't mind having it...I have hair on my privates, legs, armpits, head...I do shave my face though...Maybe someday I will grow out a beard...I don't really care if guys have body hair since I'm not gay (so I won't be with them) But girls should be shaved (privates trimmed at least)...I don't want to be with a girl with gorilla legs

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    I shave off everything I want to invest time for.

    I shave my sack and that general region once a week, same with my face and pits (I actually don't have much facial hair at all so thats a quick thing to do).

    I HAVE shaven my legs, and I would continue to do so if it wasn't for the amount of time it takes to do it. I did it for a few weeks with Nair but I eventually got sick of it so I stopped.

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    I shave my sack & shaft and thin the mess above. Most of the girls I've been with perfer it that way. My legs are hairy, arms & chest very little, some in the pits. I'm getting older so my head is thinning but I have a "tail" half way down my back.Long live the 60s!


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    I would love to shave my body hair off. It's been on my list of things to do for a while now.

    But I guess if I've procrastinated on it for so long already, I probably wouldn't go to the effort of keeping it off.

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    I shave my calves, armpits, and vag. My arm hair is blonde, so no need to shave that. So I really don't have hair anywhere.

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    I'm fortunate to have blonde hair as well, although it's darker under my pits and in the pubic area. I shave my legs and my pits and wax my eyebrows. I don't touch pubes usually unless I'm going swimming and then I'll shave or use nair. I would really like to get rid of some of my pubic hair, as I'm kind of self-conscious about it, but I have extremely sensitive skin and when I shave my pubes I always get lots of ingrown hairs and itching, which sometimes turns into eczema for me. So no more of that, unfortunately. My next boyfriend is just going to have to accept it.

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    I shave off everything.
    I hate body hair.

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    Footed P.J.


    My butt is hairy, I don't care if I get neg repped for saying so! But I don't shave anything but facial hair. Gonna goatee myself soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daria7483
    I'm fortunate to have blonde hair as well, although it's darker under my pits and in the pubic area.
    Same here. My hair is actually a dirty blonde, but my body hair is still darker..

    I response to the OP's post: I have hair everywhere and love it!

    I am a hairy person.. My legs are hairier than most peoples, though I have seen legs hairier than mine. Yes, lot's of private hair, and more than enough butt hair to go around.. My armpit hair actually isn't very thick.. but it is long and curly!

    The only hair I have shaved, is the hair on my face.. I keep a goatee, but I shave everything else, mainly because that extra hair interferes with daily tasks, such as eating. My goatee doesn't, so I keep it. Plus, it makes me look badass! I have wondered what it be be like to shave my legs, or my balls or something.. but ultimately I decide to never try it. I like my hair, and I'm pretty sure that I would miss it if I shaved it off.. Plus, the area I shaved would most likely itch.. a lot.. and that's just not kewl.

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