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    I didn't know where else to put this so if it goes somewhere else can someone move it for me.

    Okay so here's the story yesterday we were dancing in gym because they say the seniors don't know how to dance at the prom so we were doing the Cuban shuffle. I noticed this girl she was dancing with her friends i casually looked at her butt not like a creepy stare from across the room but just casually pointing out to my friends and you know teenage boy kinda stuff. Then i saw her face don't get me wrong she was good looking but i just got the intense like i don't know how to explain it but i got really depressed and frustrated. Then we moved on to a soul train and started talking and forgot about it a little bit but it was a still in my head. The bell rang and i left for social studies by my self and i started to think about death and what happens when you die. I started thinking to my self it can't just go black your thoughts and being has to go some where i'm not talking about religion here. I started thinking to my self should i try it what would happen what would it be like to lift the pain away. As i was thinking this i got more and more upset just thinking about it trying not to but i couldn't. Then there was a 45 minuet period of watching a movie because spring break next week and every thing.

    Then there was lunch not much time to think when in the cafatearia i sat down with the same people as usual and they instantly knew something was wrong with me. I just sat there not talking eating and drinking my soda they were trying to talk to me but i was to upset to talk to anyone. Even the kids who are usually mean to me tried finding out what was wrong. Then i started to tear and this was the first time in 5 years I was crying. Then the 2 girls i sit with kinda just left and went to another table i didn't really notice at the time then it was me and this other kid who is my pot buddy sits with me and try's talking and i sit there doing nothing. Then i just start counting everything for no reason i don't even know why. He stays with me the rest of the period trying to help calling over my brothers druggy friends and everything i don't even pay attention while they talk to me i just keep on counting. I left for another class were sadly i had to do a present a project... i went on the last 2 periods trying to figure out why the girl made me so upset i have never seen her before didn't know her name or anything. Me and my brother drove home and when we got there i just started thinking runing it through my head over and over again and i couldn't figure anything out. I started thinking about the death and darkness and what happens and i remebered the knifes in the kitchen and i thought to my self should i do it?

    So dos anyone know what happened to me have any idea has anything like this happen to you before and what did you do let it be know that im not going to go to a psychologist. So any help would be much appreciated this is little nerve raking so yea

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    No, sorry. I can't really tell what happened to you. But if you're having problems, consider talking to a loved one about it. Tell them everything that's going on in your life. Remember, hurting yourself is not the answer. There are more people that love you than you may think.

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    Sounds like a nervous break down but I am no psychologist. I know when I am feeling down I listen to music, eat something sweet like ice cream or a piece of pie, or watch a comedy. Do something you enjoy doing and it just might cheer you up.

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    I don't know what happened, but I do know how you feel about thinking about the whole what happens after death.

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    i think i might know, this sorta thing would happen to me in school to, and what i attribute it to is hormones, i sorta hit puberty late and when i did man i had horrrible mood swings and the slightest thing could really set depression loose. so thats what it could be. come to think of it i only grew out of that a year or two ago

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    bouts of depression are common for some people and often start in the teen years. what I generally do is either a hard workout (the pumped feeling is awsome) or baby sit my little siblings (keeps my mind off things) don't worry about death just enjoy life while you can and have no regrets

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    Yeah buddy, I did that during college and it was diagnosed as a psychotic break. They can be extreme, or not as extreme. I had to see a psychiatrist. The thoughts of suicide almost always mean you should seek help.

    As a side note, and I hope you won't think I'm preaching to you. I was smoking a lot of pot at that time. If you're smoking every night like I was, it can do that to you. You might want to taper off. Since this has happened to you, you should tell a parent and get help. Some rest might be in order. There are probably underlying causes, things working in your mind. They can be death issues, and of course there are the diapers as an issue. I had all of this as well as sexual identity issues. Only you know you, but don't assume it will take care of itself. Take care of you.

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    I think alot about death and whatnot too, but i would never commit suicide. There is too much to live for, and too many things that you would miss out on if you were gone. If you are feeling depressed, try listening to some happy music, or watch a happy tv show, ect. However, if this isn't just a temporary depression, you might need to go to a psychologist for help.

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    I have that happen sometimes, as well.

    Usually, it happens after watching a movie (after I am already emotionally-sensitized and my perception is all washed-up) or during periods of high stress. Heck, sometimes I go bipolar!

    My advice would be this: talk it out with somebody and stay around people; avoid being alone. If you are alone (as I've experienced), you will tend to obsess on those thoughts and build them up to greater and more-intense levels. Also, try exercising to express that emotional energy.

    I wish best of health to you!

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    Then the 2 girls i sit with kinda just left and went to another table i didn't really notice at the time then it was me and this other kid who is my pot buddy sits with me and try's talking and i sit there doing nothing.

    Hi can you tell me what a pot buddy is? From what you say, it sounds to me like a neurotic episode of some sort. Neurotic is not psychotic by the way. If you are smoking pot, I would take this as a good reason to quit.

    I have posted a definition from "A neurotic disorder can be any mental imbalance that causes or results in distress. In general, neurotic conditions do not impair or interfere with normal day to day functions, but rather create the very common symptoms of depression, anxiety, or stress. It is believed that most people suffer from some sort of neurosis as a part of human nature." What is the Difference Between Neurotic and Psychotic?

    If you have a repetition of this experience definately seek medical assistance and do discuss it with someone who is responsible enough to listen and offer practical assistance, not just someone who sympathises and tells you what you want to hear.

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