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Thread: Perfect diapers..has anyone tried these?

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    Smile Perfect diapers..has anyone tried these?

    go to this sight to see image..copy and if you need to..................................
    SaveExpress | Sanitaetsfachhandel Save Express Oliver Weidlich Sanitaetshaus

    I think they look do you all feel about them.

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    They look really cool. Definitely something I'd like to try someday.

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    Those look great! Gotta love the German's for comming up with something fun like that


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    Wow. Nice find! If there was a store around here that sold them, I might give them a try, out of interest. Then again, I'm quite happy with plain-ish ones too.

    I wonder what non-AB incontinent people would think of them though? They look less clinical then adults nappies, but much more like toddler nappies.

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    it looks awesome to me, I wish I could try it

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    Quote Originally Posted by khaymen View Post
    More than a year later and no one has tried them?
    Oh cool, you knew about these. I wasn't here a year ago, but hey, interesting find. Did you try them?

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    Well, just to shed some light on this product... If you want to purchase direct from the manufacturer you can go here. Be warned the minimum qty is 1000 bags

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