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Thread: What are you?

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    Talking What are you?

    Please explain your fursona(s) here. You may write whatever you'd like about them...


    To make it easier for me, I'm gonna do mine in 3rd person...

    My main fursona is a male, babyfur, kitty. He likes being pet, (or is the word petted? I believe it's pet... oh well) climbing trees, being annoying, eating (especially sushi) and sleeping!
    He dislikes doing any form of work.

    And i have other fursonas that i occasionally like to be.

    Please feel free to go into much more detail than I did. 'Tis hard to type a lot on my wii.

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    First Name: Aeonis
    Last Name: N/A
    Species: Red fox
    Fur Color: Blood red
    Age: Unknown; appears to be three years old
    Personality: Often solemn and neutral, though cheerful and fun when needed to be
    Special Interests: For inexplicable reasons that he has never shared with anyone, he enjoys having his surrogate mother dress him as a girl; his primary, albeit poor excuse is that, because his favorite colors are red and black -- in addition to variations thereof -- he enjoys the opportunity to play a different gender solely for the fact that pink is among his favorite shades of the former color
    Appearance: [x] [x]

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    I am going to put in my 2 most famous furs I draw mostly.

    Name: Knuffy
    species: white wolf
    fur color: white
    age: 4
    personality: active
    special interest: being a true brother to his adopted brother, Cuddy.

    Name: Cuddy
    species: fox
    fur color: red
    age: 4
    personality: hearing impeared, but smart
    special interest: being with Knuffy, though all the hard bumps in life.

    I write stories, what you expect of this being a start of a fur story intro.^_^

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    Last Name:Wolf
    Species:grey wolf
    Fur Color:grey with white down the middle of his front stoping half way down on the inner thighs and starting at the neck
    Age:4,is more like 2
    Personality:calm,sleepy,always trying to learmn new things
    Intrest:loves to drink milk and chocolet milk,love cookies,loves to b cuddle and cared for,and loves sleeping in a crib.

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    Name: Christhefur
    Species:Red Fox
    Fur color: Brownish red
    Personality:Laid back playful fox with an adventure side.
    Interest:Eating, sleeping, babied and cuddles

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    Name:N/A for now(It was Winnie but that upset me very much)
    Species: Mixed bread dog
    Fur color:Black Brown Red And some gold-like spots.
    Age:1-3 (unknown but around those.)
    Personality:Hyper but nice and a tad bit laid back at times. Adventurous and playful too.
    Interest:Loves being dressed like a girl.

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    name:skittles(omg cant believe im sharing that lol)
    species:a bunny or a tabbycat
    color:white bunny or grey tabby
    age: 2-5 human standard
    personality:if you can name it, im it! though im not a meanie,the tabby side of me has a penchant for buggery and a curious streak longer than the 'rocky' series :P
    interests: im exploring, but its hard to explore intersts solo.

    NOTE: im not heavy into 'furryism', but its a fun idea to toss around in my head; i has apeal to me (ive R.P.d a bit)but sure exactly how much at this point! :p

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    Name: Smoke
    Age: ~3
    Gender: Male
    Species: African Wild Cat
    Appearance: *points to avatar*
    Personality: Very shy and reserved, but more open and friendly to people he knows better.

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