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  • Super dry kids

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  • Extra thick overnights

    1 5.88%
  • Cushies

    12 70.59%
  • Diaper scent worth it

    9 52.94%
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Thread: AB universe best buy?

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    Default AB universe best buy?

    I plan on buying diapers from AB universe. I have heard good things about them but also bad things. But I am willing to take the risk. But Before I do I want to know which one should I try first. And I am refering to the 3 exlusive disposables that include Extra thick overnights, Super dry kids, and Cushies. And at this point I like the prices but I want to get the best of my order becuse i was lucky enough to have my friend ship it to his house. And also, Is the scent worth it? And if it is, how strong is it. I don't want to be found out.

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    the cushies by far have the pattern on them
    but try reasearching them

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    It depends on what the appeal is for you. I HATE the look on of the overnights so I'd never suggest them, but it's kind of a toss up between Cushies and the SDKs. SDKs look really cute on lil' boys in my opinion. :3 We got the baby scent but I didn't really notice it that much for what it's worth.

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    The Cushies are all I've tried from them, and they're adorable. The scent is EXTREMELY strong, but it smells so good.

    The one-tab thing sucks, though.

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    I've tried all three and I prefer the SDK's and Cushies...the Scent is totally worth it. Keep in mind these diapers are really just for fun and feeling regressed, they are not a good diaper if you plan on wetting more than 2 times.


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    You have the option of not adding the scent , too. It costs 5$ extra to add the scent, so if you're worried it'd be too strong you can go without it.

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    I haw only try Super dry kids. I did not like them. Proved unable to absorb the pee.

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    You know, I've never heard of AB Universe before...
    I'll have to check it out! But, I know the forum's wiki has diaper reviews. You might what to look there - They might have reviews for AB Universe's diapers.

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    I'd never heard of this site before but it looks good. I'd love to try their original products. The sample pack looks great. Can someone fill me on in any "bad" things involving this company?

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    I have some of the first Super Dry Kids and think they were way over priced for what you get. If this is your first buy of "Super Premium" diapers I would go with Bambino/Secure X-Plus, Abri Form X-Plus or Molicare Super Plus. They all cost less and all area better diapers.

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