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Thread: Mayday, Mayday Diaper stash found! This is not a drill!

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    Default Mayday, Mayday Diaper stash found! This is not a drill!

    I think my stash MAY have been found!!!! I went up into my spot and found the bags of diapers in a garbage bag!!! I may have put them in there, i can't remember though! How can i tell if it has been found?!?!?!?

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    Hmm, not sure what to suggest for this

    What about asking your parents? is it them you think have found it?

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    Here is what you do, if you didn't throw them away, I doubt you did, that would be stupid, think, think for a long time, come up with the best place NO ONE not even you would look for them, and hide them there.

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    Weren't you the one that said you put your diapers in a garbage bag in the attic?

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    Well look at it this way, if YOU didn't put them in a garbage bag and they weren't in the garbage, than why would anyone have a reason to put them in a garbage bag.

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    I have to do it I am just sick and tired of reading short, low effort posts, about something that is supposedly so serious. I do not commonly do this but I just got to do it this time.


    Seriously, you do not remember if you did throw them away or not? You did not say you were drunk, so I assume you were sober. So how could you not remember doing a weird thing like that.

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