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Thread: pics of old baby bottles

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    Default pics of old baby bottles

    Do any of you know of a web site that has pics of old baby bottles. like from the 50's,60's 70's
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    To answer your Q no I don't.

    But a friendly tip. Edit your post. An change your tittle to something smaller, Like "Old baby bottles"

    not as likely to get flamed/trolled
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    i love baby bottles especially those plastic ones from 60s 70s and on.. i ave pics of my favorite baby bottlers i have over 80 baby bottles and i only use latex rubber nipples on them that i get from get these large nipples that are made just like the classic style latex nipples.

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    There doesn't seem to be much to find. There is a site about historic bottles, but that's a bit too early I think! Anyway, here's a link:


    Oh, and google images (search: baby bottles) brings up some, but it's a bit hit or miss.
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    I know what you mean..I searched often too..I can share my baby bottle pics..if i had a choice to be anything i ever wanted it would be a baby bottle because bottles are most loved and needed

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