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    Hi everyone. I started using this site last year, but between dealing with health problems, school, work, internships ect... I haven't been around much since my first into post. I'm now living on my own, so I have more privacy and free time, so I hope to make use of ADISC. Even though I haven't been participating, I've been lurking around from time to time. It's nice to know there's a group of people who share my "unique interests."

    I love diapers (not really into any baby stuff). I didn't know that I loved diapers up until my late teens. I have been a real, honest to god bedwetter. throughout my whole life. It runs in my family, although I am the only one of my siblings to wet past the age of 14.

    I've come to really enjoy wearing my diapers. They're comforting, fun, and even kinda sexy. Diapers are an escape from my stressful, ordinary life.

    Here is part of my original post from a while back:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am Laura. I am an 18 year old female from IL. I have been a bedwetter my whole life. I am told being a female that continues to wet the bed into the late teen years/adulthood is relatively rare, so I guess this makes me both lucky and unlucky. Unlucky in the sense that bedwetting makes developing long term relationships with men, traveling with friends, and going away to college tricky. Lucky in the sense that I have come to enjoy the feeling of wearing diapers. At first I thought this made me totally weird, until I did some googling and found that there are many others who enjoy the same thing. I don't really get into the "baby" aspect of diaper wearing so much, I just kind of like diapers. Aside from my family and a few close friends, no one knows that I still wet the bed. I would be mortified if anyone found out (even more mortified if anyone knew I was posting on this site), but somewhere deep inside of me, I find the thought of being "found out" kind of exciting. I am a little conflicted I guess

    Nice to meet you all again!! I look forward to interacting with all of you. ~Laura~

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    Welcome to our little slice of paradise. So tell us, what do you do for fun? School/job? Things of the sort. Many curious minds out there...

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    Welcome! What are you interested in? What films and books do you like?

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    Welcome, Laura!
    Do you know why you wet the bed at all? i.e. is it a medical or psychological thing? :S
    Either way, I enjoy your "glass half full" attitude ^_^

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