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Thread: My Goodnites came a blessing today.

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    Question My Goodnites came a blessing today.

    I sometimes wear Goodnites or Underjams for wetting purposes only, but today while I was wearing a gn, I had diarrhea, so when I tried to stand up, it slid into my gn's instead of my pants. Thank Goodness! Has this, or something ever happened to you?

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    Thanks InsertDisc, I thought that I was going to have to clarify my question, but you seem to understand what I was asking.

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    Twice it has happened to me. Once just the other week.

    I've been hit with a fun stomach flu. :/

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    This has happened to me....unfortunately, I was not diapered. It was....messy.

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    I can't say I have ever had the experience either. However, good for you because that would have been an awful mess to clean up.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

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    I have never had messing problems, but I did have a friend over the other day that messed his pants when he was barfing. He messes his pants all the time too. All his underpants have poo marks. I wish he would let me put a diaper on him but he allways goes "grrrrr" when I ask.

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    Actually I've had times when I wasn't wearing a diaper, and yes, the clean-up was difficult. This was the first time I wore a diaper, and luckily at the right time.

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    I have been sick before and pooped when i threw up. It was horrible, because i had to sit on the toilet and throw up in it too.

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