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Thread: AB universe is a bunch of crocks.

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    Default AB universe is a bunch of crocks.

    All other in a if for is the money they say they can supply the product because they don't have enough suppliers. look at this chat I just talked to him was that.

    They got a new product, now called over nighters the ability $59.95 set price instead of 75.95. Here is the chat I just got off to his acumen like to say maybe this will prove you not to buy from them.

    All stick with bambino and othe companies there an awesome but abacha cook it beats that are trying to rob Hard earn people of their cash. And take advantage of the ABDL community for supply and demand.
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    Uhh... that IS how the economy works, it's called inflation.

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    Ya there isn't much u can do, except find another company to buy from. That is capitalism for you.

    If you want I can illistarte it with a supply and demand curve, lol
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    I understand that the just is taking advantage of us I know for one thing we want the product and they know it so they cannot jake up the prices up so high that they can. Than more we should have to pay the price because we wanted that that I think this is totally wrong that's how proves how crook and these people .

    Their claim was sales than enough supply but now you see the true purpose there out making green even if it means taking advantage of us. I know one thing they lost a customer even before I even one order and I will never order from them because of these reasons.

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    I don't see the issue... every company does it. Same with if people STOP buying cushies the price will drop. That's just how marketing works.

    Also, by charging more now they are able to grow as a company and offer more products, faster and more reliably.

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    You all can keep paying the price and I know their small business but my family's ran small business for so many years and we never charged prices like that and we still made enough to grow. The more you guys want a higher the prices are are you gonna go pay $100 box if they decide to up the chusies because its supply and demand.

    I know a lot mom and pop stores to small business and still make twice the money they will ever make because they don't charge outrageous prices so people will come back and buy more from their. Small convenience stores, bakeries, oral parts stores, even pet stores and their prices are reasonable even those small. These are some of the people I know we'll start businesses like these in keeping that are reasonable rate for everybody.

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    If you understand the concept of supply and demand, why are you complaining?

    That's like complaining there's O2 in the air...

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    Wait... someone sneaked O2 in the air? That's as stupid as the people that put dihydrogen monoxide in my damn drinking water!

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    On a side note, I got some cushies and I liked them...they are not a great diaper, i.e they need to be thicker. But boy are they fun


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    Wait... someone sneaked O2 in the air? That's as stupid as the people that put dihydrogen monoxide in my damn drinking water!
    Ha! It's funny 'cuz atoms...

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