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Thread: Who Knows that you still wet the bed?

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    Default Who Knows that you still wet the bed?

    I have always wet the bed. When I was growing up it was just accepted in our family that I was a bedwetter and little was ever said about it. My bed always had a noisy plastic sheet on it and I wore nappies as a child and then again later in my teens I wore disposable incontinence style nappies after a visit to the doctors to see why I was still wetting most nights at 15. I was expected to deal with my own wet bed and change the sheets etc once in my teens and that was about it. Most people knew about my bedwetting until I was an adult. Now I keep it a secret and only share it with people on sites like this where hopefully they will be understanding and supportive.
    Do you keep your bedwetting a secret?

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    Yes, I do hide it, even from my parents. For reasons that I will not try to explain. Even though those reasons are no longer valid telling them that I lied to them for years isn't smart.

    I wouldn't recommend hiding it though.

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    My wife, my Doctor and my sister are the only people who know about my incontinence.

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    Butterfly Mage


    My partner does, of course. I have a handful of friends who do (since if I stay overnight, it's kinda unavoidable).

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    Apparently I hide it from myself since even I wasn't aware I still wet the bed. :P

    (sorry, I had to.)

    But yeah, I don't wet the bed thankfully. It wouldn't be too much hassle with proper protection but still spending the night anywhere would be a painful experience I think.

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    i used to for a long amount of time like until i turned 12. though surprisingly i hid it well enough so my parents didnt know they thought i stopped at 3, a friend figured out a sleepover though when i was 10, and he's still my friend. ^_^
    i really believe telling people you trust 100% is relieving.

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    I have never wet the bed in sleep since I was potty trained. I pretended I did for a while when I was way younger

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    I'm the only one that knows, though it only happens a few times a month, it doesn't bother me much. I don't really think anyone else needs to know, for the time being.

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    I did wear my sister's DryNites and use them on purpose though, just to make her feel like she wasn't the only one with a problem. And, more obviously, free diapers and the ability to wear infront of my family lol

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