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    I am looking for a job so that I can get my own place closer to my college and get emancipated. I am socially deficient and have no work experience. The hours must be flexible because I am attending school. I am taking 16 credit hours and I can get food, utilities, and board for around $750. So my required monthly wage is $800. I am only 17. I am thinking of trying to get a gas station job (yes in Oregon we don't pump are own gas). I do not want to work in food service because I am not social and I don't think I could deal with dissatisfied customers yelling at me . For my own mental stability I need to move out so comments trying to discourage it are not welcome. I am going to get a haircut and hit up some places tommorow mean while I could really use some advice

    P.S. I apologize for my poor punctuation and run on sentences I am not a strong writer.
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    i don know much about oregon, but around here in NY. at 17 the most you can probably do is mininum wage and i dont think $800 is a possible goal. Now at 18 you could get a job in collections and you would easily be able to make that goal and more but since you said you are not social i dont know if that would be a good idea.

    I dont really know what kinda jobs you guys have around there but what kinda jobs are you looking into cause if your at min wage you will need around 25 hours a week and if your going to school that might be a bit hard for you.

    So maybe a bit more info might help with suggestions for ya.

    I wish you the best of luck in your search. *hugs* I know how it can be to wanna get out on your own.

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    first off it's emancipated. it looked like your were spelling somthing a little more mature.(no big deal i do it all the time just becarful because it looks funny)and in order to become emancipated you have to have a court document signed by your parents and/or dfacs. as far as a job goes i don't know what to tell you i'm from Atlanta,Georgia and can hardly find one myself they almost all need degrees . i start college on monday to get my fifteen college creds so that i can join the navy(i have a ged so they won't let me in with out.)and i have family paying for school and board.I was in sate custody from 14 to 18 and just because your seventeen don't think the'll sign you have to take some kind of ridiculos test and pass a pshcological of some kind and if your moveing because of home issues rather you tell them or not they might still investigate you and they migh put you in a shelter if they find your moving because of stress at home becarful the goverment sucks.

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    They won't put you in a shelter if you have a income and are supporting yourself. I have been looking it up and in Oregon you don't need aparents signature you just have to go through a court case and the judge determines if you are self sufficient.

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    Can't you just sit it out for another year and leave when you are 18?

    I remember that's what I did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omorashi View Post
    They won't put you in a shelter if you have a income and are supporting yourself. I have been looking it up and in Oregon you don't need aparents signature you just have to go through a court case and the judge determines if you are self sufficient.
    well you still have to to go through the court and as far as money is concerned your not going to get a starting job making that kind of money at seventeen whats more is school is expensive . as far as being "self sufficient" you will need a pshycological done as well as having to pass a test chances are they will stick you in a holding facillity untill they get the chance to do it and then they might put you in a independntig living home. but when you think about those places cover food rent schooling and transportaiton so in the long run it's worth it anyway.but the cout has to deem you mentaly stable if you plan on doing that before you eighteen and everyone i knew in stated custody who had tryed that becasue of family issues or not ende up being diagnosed with bipolar or somthing else for reasons that were pointless one of my frineds ended up being diagnosed with schizophrinea during his exam because he had a night terror(you know a nightmare were you move around a lot in your bed but don't rember it when you wake up) it stupid the places they send you to for evaluation will try to force you to stay so that they get a bigger income it hapened to aleast thirty people i met these are nomal 16 and 17 year olds who are suffering because someone wants to make a few etra bucks i'm not saying all places are bad but a good portion are as far as panret signatures are concerned it depends what state your from. this is from personal experiance

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    I can always just leave with out getting emancipated since you think it is such a bad idea but I don't think I am going to be able to tough it out for a year I will just find a cheaper place.

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    Get a job whilst living with your parents. Make sure you are either working or sleeping or at college.
    That's what I did for my last 2 years at home. I made lots of money and got the things I wanted as well.

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    Well, the first mistake you made was not having any previous work experience. I got my first job at 11, picking up dog poop. It wasn't the greatest job ever, but I got the job done and I got payed.

    Your next mistake was assuming you'be be able to make at least $750 bucks a month on a starter, minimum-wage job, while going to school full time. That won't happen. I don't know what it's like in Oregon, but here in Ontario the minimum wage is $9.50, and will be $10.20 by next week (on my birthday!), and THAT isn't even enough.

    $750 bucks seems like a shitload for rent, utilities, and food. When I first got to college I was paying about $600 for all those thing combined (including internet, cable, ect) - And I live in Toronto!

    I've never worked in a gas station so I don't know if they'll take you without any previous work experience. Don't be so put off by working in food service because you aren't social and don't like customers. You can get a job as a backliner, one of the people making the sandwiches. But every job in the world requires at least some degree of communication abilities, and what better way to build your social skills than to get a McJob? (Plus, you know right away that almost any fast-food restaurant will hire you so long as you don't flub the interview.) It may not be the most glorious job in the world, but if it's all you can get, it's real easy money.

    I'm thinking moving out of your parent's place may not be an option for you right now. That's probably not what you want to hear, but it's probably true. There's two things you can do right now:
    1. Commute to college from your parent's house, however long that may be, while holding down a part-time job.
    2. Take a year off, stay at home, and work full-time to save up enough money so you can escape your parents and get the hell outta there come next September.

    I know how you feel. As soon as I turned 18 I said goodby to my mom and dad and hit the road. I had a shit load of money, though, that I'd been saving since I was 6. Now, a year later, after blasting away all my money on silly things like "education" and "living expenses", I have to return home. I'll be getting a full-time job at WalMart, or something, and get enough money to pay for my second year of college.

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    You would have to make somewhere in the range of 10$ an hour, for a 20 hour work-week (The amount of hours most full time students can work while still doing their studies) It would have to be flexible, you have no work experience, and you think you would have trouble dealing with yelling customers.

    That's going to be real difficult to find that job. The only time I ever made above minimum in an entry level job was when I worked by commission selling TV's. My pay rate would fluctuate between 8.50 to 15$ an hour. The only other place I could think of that could fit the bill would be food service, specifically a waiter. Thing is, most restaurants are catch 22's. They won't hire you unless you have experience, and to get experience you need to be hired.

    So for advice, dress nice, give a good handshake, and look them in the eye. If you fill out an application, deliver it to the manager in charge of hiring new employees directly. Always say please and thank you. If you drop off an application at a place, don't wait for them to call you, you call them the next day asking about an interview time. Call them every day until you get an interview time or they tell you they don't want you.

    Good luck

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