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Thread: Hello :)

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    Default Hello :)

    Hello everyone reading this

    I don't know exactly what to say here but I will try to get some of the basics down

    I LOVE to read, but I get distracted from my book easily :P I read novels (mostly romance novels...Sherrilyn Kenyon) and manga (Godchild).

    I'm on this site due to my friend, who is a TB. I adore him and will not beat him up, even though he knows I can :P

    Ask me questions, I LOVE questions

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    Hey hey Jazilynn Welcome to the site.
    Is your friend gay? Or is that earring just for show?

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    Aww thank you

    He is not gay :P Or so he tells me... The earring is quite entertaining, it swings when he moves

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    BOOKS!!! <3 books. I'm not really into romance novels, not that I've ever given them a chance... I probably should. I prefer a deep underlying theme about humanity. Like something displaying society's shortcoming as a general truth.

    Never got into manga, so moving on...

    You could beat him up? Wow... that narrows things down to... all the subs on the forum. Have fun finding him (I is Zephy on IRC). If you have any questions You can PM me about it there. I don't bite (but I do lick).

    EDIT: OMG!!! CANADANAIDIAN!!! We should totally make a group... wait, there is one... We should rename it "Plot to take over the ADISC". hehehe. we almost have enough.

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    Shame you canucks can't fight worth a damn, would be a short revolution.

    Jazi, you've got to at least slap him for being oh so very mean to you.

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    Canadians taking over ADISC?! That is why I have Alex Ovechkin on my side! Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy your time here!

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    I soooooo wouldn't have known for a while if you hadn't of posted :P

    thank you tk7432

    and I'm NOT going to slap him :P
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    boooo I really think you should do something to pay him back, hes sooooo mean!

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