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    Well I have been wondering over the last month...This one girl and I haven't talked in about a month. This girl happens to be the one that I told about my TB/DL thing. What worries me the most is that the last conversation we had was about, yep you guessed it...diapers, since then she has said "hi" to me 2 times in the last month, won't respond to any of my messages, and seems to be avoiding me in the halls at school.
    Do you think she got weirded out by what I said? Would it be a good idea to try to engage her in a NORMAL conversation? Or should I just let this person go?

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    personally id say let her go, ive had people do that to me and ive ended up breaking all contact with them

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    Maybe try engaging in normal conversation with her. Try to let her remember who you are, other than a tb/dl. Talk like you normally would to her.

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    This is just a gut feeling, but I'd let her go. I think she wants to go her own way. There are plenty of other fish in the sea. In the future, I wouldn't divulge the diaper thing. That works better at college where there are more free thinkers.

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