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Thread: Curious?

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    Default Curious?

    Just to start off, I'm not really a furry myself, don't mind 'em, maybe a little furry in me.

    Well, i was wondering, there is this girl in my class. She likes to draw a lot, i see her constantly drawing during class. Well, i asked her if i could see her notebook. I looked in it and every single drawing was of a dog, a wolf, or another animal except 2 drawing. One even had two Wolves(?) cuddling and kissing each other.

    Just wondering, is it possible that she is a furry?

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    Rule One-

    If they draw animals, anthro or not, doing ANYTHING, they are 100% ...

    an artist. Duh.

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    Maybe, maybe not. There are folks who like to draw anthropomorphic critters and don't associate with the furry fandom, don't know of it, or dislike it because of well a lot of the bizarre things in it.

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    I wouldn't assume that. I had a friend who drew himself as a wolf, drew pictures of wolves, and other anthro creatures... But he was, in fact, not a furry.

    Now, on the other hand, I know somebody who IS a furry, yet he draws everything BUT furries.

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    Heck, ask her if she knows about the furries and smile when you do. No matter what she says, you can always get yourself off the hook by saying "I love their art" because their art is in fact freaking amazing and no one can deny that.

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    By the most basic definition of furry, she's fur. That is, taking an interest in anthromorphics...

    Now it's entirely possible she's not familiar with the fandom at all. A somewhat innocent question would probably get you enough information to know if she's part of the fandom as link suggests. It's also possible she has no more interest than simply drawing too.

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    Gratefully, unlike being a ab/dl, in most cases you could ask her if she considers herself "Anthro artist" and see if she knows what that means. Then if she says yes, then you can straight up ask her if she is a furry. If she isn't, then you could say I wondered since of your drawings.

    There's still a possibility It couldn't be true(furry), but she IS a anthro artist. Maybe it's because I'm a furry, but i would ask straight up. It doesn't bother me, literally everyone i have ever met knows I'm a furry. (Maybe not the baby side, haha)

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    Well, i would ask her, but she doesn't really like me much.

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    I'm a Furry and I draw everything BUT FURRIES

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    You should go ask her :3 i have a friend who she draws alot of wolves and cats and i asked just randomly and she said no lol, although she knew what i meant when i asked her if she was a Furry.

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