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Thread: Would You Share Your Diapers With A Stranger?

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    Default Would You Share Your Diapers With A Stranger?

    Findings - Researchers in the Market for Fair-Minded People -
    A nice *b/dl spin on the above article based off of Diogenes lamp. It's a tale on this guy carrying a lamp to find an honest person (I've probably butchered this to no end) and what I ask of you is: Would you share your diapers with a complete stranger?

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    Well as long as I had some for myself, sure I would. At most though I would be suprised to get asked that.

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    Yes I would and have, and would share anything I have with anyone that I got along with.

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    I have done so.

    I would do so now.

    I plan to do so in the future, ...


    I had to give careful consideration to answering this post and have to stress that I've never been one to feed a beggar. I give of myself should I choose to do so and the moment I feel someone is trying to get something from me, begging that I give them something, or the worst of all trying to manipulate me, then I am done.

    Given that I've outed myself of sorts this post relinquishes anyone I've done this for from the secrecy I've asked of them.

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    If Im honest, That really depends on the first impression somebody makes at me, and how they ask it.

    It is like giving to charity. I do give to charity, but if some beggar comes up to me and asks for money, I mostly do not give something, but rather support soup/kitchens and stuff like that.

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    Sure I would. If this person had a need for it, like if he/she needed an extra for a change I would. I doubt I would give one out purely on the need of his/her sexual gratification.

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    I'd only share mine with friends and only if they got some level of use out of it.. I know I at times put on a Abena or other high quality diaper and took it off within a hour.

    Plus I would only lend to someone up to 3 times, but that's it. It's like giving the same homeless person money over and over and over.

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    Yes, that's how I entice them to my lair, young, male, desperate. "Hey, I'll bet you'd like to wear a diaper." That's how it starts. It all seems so innocent, until the hammer comes down, literally. They taste so good, and properly butchered, you can stretch them for a month and a half. Preparation is the key, hanging for a while in the smoke house, but the wait is worth it.

    On a side note, the family loved Thanksgiving this year. They said they never had turkey that tasted as good, though they wondered why they only had turkey slices. Oh well, nothing is perfect I guess. Yes, I love to give my free diapers to strangers.

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    Hey Dogboy have you tried that with Lemon Pepper yet. I got a great recipe from a member of the Dohner party, if you want I can send it to you.

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