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Thread: Triple padded!

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    Default Triple padded!

    Ok so I'm not actually wearing it yet (waiting for a good long day to myself), but I just stuffed 2 Medium Bambinos into a 3rd Medium Bambino using Pamperchu's tutorial. It's sooo thick and looks comfy. I almost don't want to ruin it by wetting it.
    Do you think I could fit 1 more into it? It didn't take as much effort to slide in as I thought it would.

    So what's the most you've ever stuffed into a single diaper?

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    I always double or triple up my pull-ups. Most I've done is five I think. Used to pin towels over the top too just for the thickness.

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    Not a stuffer but in layers I hit 9 disposables once.

    Once you pass a certain point the length of the diaper is no longer sufficient to cover the distance from the front to the back and I constantly wanted to pull them up even though they were in place.

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    do you think you will be able to walk with that on?
    I tried 3 abenas once, and was so thick, and put enough presure on the insides of my legs, caused them to go numb. I had to take it off after only 30min of wearing it, lol

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    4 depends at once i'll admit i felt cuter and cuddlier my bottom bulked out that much :P

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    The most I've done was two of the easy to find Abena's and man, it was lusciously squishy. Didn't hold an ounce of liquid, but it was addictive to squish into *blushes*

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    abena x-plus, abena booster and a depend is the most iv done,

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    Pictures? I would like to see how this looks. So I can get an idea of the thickness.

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    The most I've done is a goodnite, a Molicare, and a Bambino. Pretty dang thick, haha.

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    I've worn over like 15 Depends adjustable underwear. It was insanely thick, I rose about 2 inches off of my chair. :P

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