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    I ish Duo. Ab/dl/babyfur. I'm a mouse if my profile pic didn't give it away. Diaper wise, I'm currently on a purge cycle (sad face. ) I've known about this place for awhile, this is just the first time i've sat down and made myself register and such.

    I like magic, writing short stories, and to some extent making music. And bandanas. Because bandanas are the awesome >>. I'm semi bilingual, as I have a (semi) working knowledge of French. Hehe.

    Side note, any of those familiar with the babyfur art community.. no. I am not Duo the the babyfur artist. I've been asked that a few times -.-

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    Salut Duo, Comment ca va?

    Bienvenue a ADISC!

    You sound a lot like a good friend of mine who's a pretty cool magician/entertainer, so I'm gonna guess the same about you! Magic and Music's pretty cool!
    Seriously, you're gonna love it Here, it's a pretty Awesome Place!

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    Ce n'est pas un forum français err...

    I mean welcome to this forum Duo. Hope you enjoy your stay

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    Hello, and welcome to ADISC. Enjoy your stay here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oli44 View Post
    Ce n'est pas un forum français err...

    I mean welcome to this forum Duo. Hope you enjoy your stay
    Olicub a fait une poste!

    Mon français est horrible. J'ai besoin de plus de pratique. Je serai bilingue en juin avec une certificat.

    Yeah, probably made a few mistakes, but the public school system is super flawed. They care more about speaking it then writing it. 12 years and I am no better than a grade 3 in Québec... C'est la vie...

    Welcome to the forum

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