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Thread: U.S. Health bill passes

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    Default U.S. Health bill passes


    I almost can't believe it, I thought for sure it would be defeated.

    I hope all the Americans who are without healthcare will now have a way to get medical treatment.

    I hate hearing the horror stories from the States. Just last week my mother-in-laws neighbor cut his hand pruning with a chainsaw. He had no healthcare so he glued his hand together with crazy glue.

    I guess Obama is going to be able to take on the insurance industry and win.

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    Well, I hope it works out well, but I can't help but think it's not going to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevindhca View Post
    pruning with a chainsaw.
    There's your problem right thur.

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    I was wondering how long it would take for this to get posted. I'd have posted it myself, but I figure that there isn't anything left to be said - we had some epic threads on it last fall and another in winter. Also, it's more or less done - even if the bill of fixes runs into trouble, the important elements of health care reform are passed as of a signing ceremony, probably tomorrow.

    The politics are simple - Democrats already owned the bill, and they could have let Republicans take credit for defeating some mythical massive-government-takeover-death-panel-creating-and-kills-grandma-and-increases-the-deficit-and-unquestionably-leads-to-socialism-apocalyptic-nightmare, or they could pass it and have the American people not only see the sky not fall, but see some immediate benefits. In the end, Democrats will be better off in the midterms and Obama's got the momentum to pass his agenda back.

    I'll save remarks on health care reform itself for if this thread develops into a serious debate. I have no intent of starting such myself; I'm of the opinion that we've beaten this horse enough already. A winner has been declared and short congratulatory posts in order rather than a 10-page wall of back and forth quote wars.

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    As far as I know this bill is 2,000 pages and yet all I know about it is:

    -Everyone will be able to get health insureance
    -Companies would face penalties for not offering insureance

    Someone please explain this becuase that's all I've heard about it.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The problem with the bill is that the lawmakers have kept so many provisions secret that it's really hard to know if the law will make things better or worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevindhca View Post
    I hope all the Americans who are without healthcare will now have a way to get medical treatment.
    From what I understand you have to have health insurance or you will be fined. In some cases the cost of getting medical insurance will be more then just paying the fine I heard.

    Then the issue about illegal immigrants, can they even buy medical insurance while they are illegal? If they can't then do they have to pay a fine, or will it be the same as it always has.. them going to the hospital everytime they get sick and get " free" treatment.

    Also those of us who have pre-existing conditions that are over 18 will still have to wait FOUR years before companies have to take them.

    Plus now student loans can't be given out by banks, which makes me wonder how that will affect college students credit ratings.

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    I reserve my judgment on this issue until I learn more about it. Apparently, the only people who seem to know anything about the nitty-gritty details of the bill are the people who wrote it to begin with. I would like to see improvement in American health care (currently, I have Medicare, and Medicare Part D is a ridiculously sadistic joke masquerading as prescription coverage).....

    I would like to see everybody who needs health care getting the care that they need. On the other hand, the many people who abuse the health care system - I tend to have no love for them, as they make the situation worse for everybody involved except for themselves, it seems. I am going off-topic enough, so I will stop here.

    This is a messy situation, and there is no such thing as an easy solution. Seeing as most people have no idea about the details of this solution that just passed, I really do not know how to feel about this bill passing.

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    Still beats me how a party can favor their party politics over people's lives. I would expect politicians to put their party crap aside and decide for the greater good of all people, but apparently, it doesn't work that easily with politicians.
    I'm glad that our public medical insurance system dates back to a time when politicians had less influence and such decisions were decreed by the emperor. It dates back to May 29, 1883, going into effect Dec 1, 1884.

    And to all those people whining about the U.S. going socialist and what not: I wish someone would chain them to the emergency room of a hospital for a day or two and have them witness people in pain and sufferent being turned away because they don't own a platinum VISA card or medical insurance. How can a human being in their right mind watch people suffering and dying and then drive away in their SUV, patting themselves on their shoulders about how they saved their country from socialism?!


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    Yeah, I have been turned down medical treatment before because of my lack of insurance at the time.

    Even now, the only insurance I have is Medicare, and most doctors out there refuse to take that these days. It probably doesn't help that Medicare is very stingy when it comes to mental health services - they only pay for half of all mental health related doctor appointments, and they don't help out with therapy at all.

    Don't even get me started on the Medicare Part D "Donut Hole" situation.

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