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Thread: New DRY 24/7 WITH PICS!! REVIEW!

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    Default New DRY 24/7 WITH PICS!! REVIEW!

    At long at last... I am doing the review of the new medium dry 24/7 diapers. I know I have reviewed them some in another post; but this be better. I still wish I had some of the Abena x-plus, molicares, and secure x-pluses, but I almost ran out of diapers while these were being shipped. So any who... here we go:

    These are amazing! Definitely worth the price; especially for night time wearing. I do not think I will ever have a worry about leaking again when wearing these. They fit amazingly snug. The leg cuffs and leak guards cling right onto your body. In the morning when I get up after a good night of sleep I take a good look at them. I remember with The Abena X-plus (last night time diaper I have been wearing).. the leak guards sagged a little away from the skin, which potentially could cause a leak. With the new dry 24/7 I get up and the leak guards and leg cuffs are still hugged my legs. (I check both. Because sometimes the leg cuffs can be sagging, but the actual leak guards inside the diaper can still have a connection with the inner legs creating a leak barrier. So for the leak guards doing their work I give a 10/10.

    Another great thing about these dry 24/7 diapers is the elastic bands: both front and back. This makes it less of a worry of leaking out the top of the diaper or the back of the diaper. And they are GOOD elastic bands. They pull the diaper snug against the skin.

    Now I know some of you have tried the old dry 24/7s and remember how big the butt/back padding is. Well that is now the front and the back. Which is great because I am a back sleeper so the front starts absorbing first and then slowly makes it way back. Outstanding job for a night time diaper. It is really thick though. So being a discreet day time diaper may not be the best option for those who are self aware. For me it is fine.

    This diaper though really does make sure you know it is there. Very thick between the legs, the front is bulky and the back is bulky. By far the thickest diaper I have tried. I have used Molicare super plus, Abena X-plus, the old dry 24/7, Secure X-plus, and depends (ya shuld not even throw these in here... since they suck so bad).

    For thickness imagine an Abena X-plus diaper and the old dry 24/7 diaper combined together to make one diaper. Plus the mediums are all white. . I am a waist size 32 inch and the mediums fit me fine. I might be able to do a small; but the mediums fit great, meaning they hold snug against my body, creating all leak barriers necessary.

    I hope everyone can get some useful information from this post. Oh shipping weight was over 30 pounds. Here are the pics:

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    Thanks DWC, been waiting for a review and some pics. WOW 30 pounds for 72 med.
    Still waiting for mine they should come this week, can't wait.

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    great thanks. do you still have to put the bottom tapes on at an angle ?

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    Uh, looks nice. Where are they from? Any chance to find those around Europe?

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    They look ok. Pity I am in Australia AND confined to our abmyssal store bought range

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    Interesting. If you get a chance to compare these diapers with another diaper, even a thin one, can you take pics?

    I personally am a fan of thick and all white diapers, so I might be willing to take a gamble even if they're costly, I just like more info first. :P

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    Yeah, they're bulky sons of witches. Very good diaper, though.

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    Compelling review... Thanks! You make me want to try these. But $125 for a case of seventy two is still awfully steep....

    Regarless... I want some!!!!

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