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Thread: Self-Esteem

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    Default Self-Esteem

    So what's your self-esteem level? Just curious, is all.

    When I was younger, I had -terrible- self-esteem. I think because of the abuse I got from my mom, as well as peers. I was always the fat kid, the one with hardly any money, the one who's mom didn't stick up for them, nothing. So, I turned into the class-clown, even if people were laughing -at- me they were still laughing, so I accepted it.

    Didn't really change until about Grade 8 or 9. Grade 8 for some odd reason I was insanely popular. Grade 9 I made a whole bunch of new friends at my new school.

    Now I have very, very high self-esteem. I don't know, and can't even tell you how it got to the level it's at now, but I really do enjoy myself. I don't have many insecurities at all.

    So now lets talk about you!

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    Footed P.J.


    I have suffered from depression basically my whole life. I was the victim of bullying in my younger years, and due to an unfortunate family situation, I feel my social skills were not developed as they should have been.

    Nowadays, my depression is not constant, but comes in very, very severe waves. My social skills are noticeably behind. I do make friends, but maybe just not the ones I would prefer. I tend to be clinged on by some, and ignored by others.

    My self esteem, I can tell, is below average, but my coping skills regarding my depression have improved greatly. I have unfortunately had three fallings out with people over the past half year. It was uneasy, it was saddening, and it made me question my worth. But I've also come to realize not to expect friendships to last 20 years, and not to expect to get along with those I would like to.

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    Lower than non existant. I don't want to talk about it. I have a nice pic tho

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    Footed P.J.


    Great picture! And if you see yourself like that, it can be a nice burst of self-affirmation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Footed P.J. View Post
    and due to an unfortunate family situation, I feel my social skills were not developed as they should have been.
    Odd that you mention that, I was actually the complete opposite. My mom tried to over-develop my skills in a way. She'd always talk about how her and her friends did this, how many friends she had, etc etc... To the point where I would take my walk home from school to make up some story that made me look like I had oodles of friends. I'd say I was going to the park with a group of girls, but I would only go with my best friend, stuff like that.

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    I'm pretty average I guess.

    There's a few things I find really hurtful, but mostly I'm happy with how I am.

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    Higher than it was when I was a boy :3, at least XD

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    Maybe it's arrogant or conceited, but I consider my self-esteem to be pretty high. It's not too high for me to be reckless with it, but I'm easily able to be proud of my own accomplishments and of the lot I've been handed in life.

    When you've got a good family, good friends, a roof over your head, and a few bucks in your pocket, what is there to be down about?

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    Used to be totally non existent but now it's just lower then average I'd say.

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