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Thread: Diaper Lovers with Asperger's Syndrome

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    Default Diaper Lovers with Asperger's Syndrome

    I recieved the diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome when I was 14.

    For those who are not aware of it, basically it's an autistic spectrum disorder. It's not a disease, you can't "catch" it and for the most part I am rather well functioning. People with the diagnosis have varying degrees of severity from needing job coaches to being fully functioning and independant. (Yours truly)

    One of the symptoms (I prefer to think of them as "traits") of Asperger's is obsessive focus on a favorite topic or object. Some Aspies become experts on vacumm cleaners, for example, or can talk at length about their favorite TV shows, the Solar System, etc.

    I wondered if there were any other members on this board who currently held the diagnosis.

    Oh, and if you want to read an article I wrote about why I do not feel Asperger's is related to genetics, or inherited, check out this link: If Asperger's Is Genetic then So is my Credit Card Debt

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    So, is this some kind of role call? Here! But I personally believe that I really don't have it per se anymore. Just like Magic Johnson "doesn't have AIDS".

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    Yes, this has come up several times already. There are many people here who have some form of autistic spectrum disorder, ADHD, and a whole host of other neurological disorders. I, for one, do not have Aspergers Syndrome, but I'm so close to an Aspie in so many ways, that if you were familiar with many of my symptoms, you would think I had it. I have Sensory Processing Disorder, which is a big part of Aspergers, but is much more common, and not technically a form of autism in most people's books. You'll fit in here though .

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    I has it, and I hates it. I never had the "helpful" kind where I became an expert in something, I just have the kind where it fucks up your ability to be social. Then again, Aspergers really killed me when I was young, and nowadays, I have it completely under control. Now if only it had gotten me obsessed about graphic design, then maybe I'd be learning something!

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    I have it, and I really do not like it at all.

    I feel so isolated from the rest of the world at every waking moment. My social ineptness is really holding me back, as it always has. And then, I have people telling me that I am an "asshole" for "choosing" to be this way. Hell, I wish I could turn it all off like a lightswitch and become a functioning social butterfly this very second. If it were a choice, then that would be the choice I would make.

    Ah, well. I assume others here know exactly what I am talking about.

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    Kaworuchan, I like your signature pic.

    Grizzy: Just guessing from the age on your profile (not sure if the age thing updates itself the way it does on some forums or not) you're only 16, mate. There's definitely no rush for you to be an expert at anything, no matter what anyone tells you.

    It's like a line out of my favorite song of the late 20th century: Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what to do with your life. The most interesting people I know didn’t know at twenty-two what they wanted to do with their lives; some of the most interesting forty-year olds I know still don’t.

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    There are quite a few who will say they have it in the ABDL communities, and a much smaller number who have actually been diagnosed with it by a psychologist or psychiatrist.

    I know that I personally take issue with it when folks equate Aspergers with Autism due to the "Autism Spectrum Disorder" factor, as Aspergers, being a syndrome, cannot be linked to Autism in cause but instead only in general direction of symptom.

    But... what I find more hurtful, and thankfully have never seen on here, is when people rest on being an Aspie as an excuse for being, basically, an awful person.

    Either way, those are minirants for another thread. Suffice it to say I am an aspie but also that I've been able to find my niche in life quite successfully and firmly believe in the ability of other similarly diagnosed people to do so. It is not a disability or a disease. It is a simple difference in the perception of the world.

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