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Thread: Hi from UK guy

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    Default Hi from UK guy

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new here, just thought I'd say hi,
    I'm a straight AB/DL from the NE UK in my 20s. Favourite Nappies are Tena Slip Maxi Small and I love footed sleepers & my teddy bear called Kitty. I was a bedwetter and thats what got me into loving nappies. Not sure if many people are AB/DL in NE England, but I'm hopeful. Hard to find any AB stuff or women here too.

    Anyhoo, just thought I'd say Hi to everyone here, been reading some posts and love them, I hope to join in the discussions too.


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    Hello Dave!

    NE was a little confusing at first I was like, is that an abbreviation for Newcastle? Nah, Then the obvious hit me. North East! Well, Newcastle is North East isn't it?
    Funny to call a bear kitty. Don't think it's as affectionate and purs. Rather than raw and have sharp claws!

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    Welcome to ADISC! The ever increasing UK population just never ends now does it? But in all seriousness, do you have any hobbies or interests that you would like to share? Enjoy your time here

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    Hi all,
    Thanks for the warm welcome to the forums, Yeah, well maybe I should rephrase a few things, my bear is more of a cat than bear but couldnt think what to call in in the intro. lol Yeah north east UK, closest city is Newcastle yeah.
    As far as interests go, well, I'm a musician and love listening to music and into films (sci-fi to rom-coms) and interested in football, cars and women of course! t-hehehe
    I've never posted before, so I'm not sure what to say lol
    from experience I ive known no-one into nappies or anything related even when I was at uni, which is somewhere I had hoped to find others into the same thing.

    Thanks all


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    Nice intro!
    ...welcome to ADISC!
    greetings from teh other side of the "pond"

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    Hey welcome fellow Uk'er. Im sure there are people closer than you think into nappies. There is a member map in the Regulars section that you might find interesting.
    What cars are you into? Name your top 5 million dollar garage!

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    Just saw this as I been away for a week. Welcome fellow UK'er

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    Hi everyone,
    Sorry for the late reply ive been away myself for a while. Home for easter now though. Cars im into...well i adore the expensive ones such as aston martins, Jaguars and TVRs but I do have a thing for Bmw z3s and z4s
    5mill dream garage...
    Ferrari 360
    Ferrarri 355
    Austin martin v8 vantage
    Jaguar xkr
    Austin healy 3000 and Sprite
    TVR tamora
    gt500 (the one in gone in 60 seconds)
    BMW z3 m3
    Dodge ram v8 pickup truck
    Porsche Carrera GT3
    Lotus Elise
    And ofcourse every garage has to feature a harley davidson easy rider lol

    The member map, I dont think I can see that yet...maybe when I manage to becme a regular around here I will find it/it will pop up. Sounds great though, Newcastle doesnt seem to have many nappy people or anything lol, well, at least I've never seen anyone else buying nappies in the only shop that sells them in newcastle. - so if thats anything to go by anyway lol.
    Nice to see quite a few UK'ers here though. Must admit that makes me feel good that there are others on these shores that are kinda like me lol

    Thanks for the hellos and welcomes!

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