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    I'm obviously not a very prolific contributor to this website, but I do consider you guys to have a strange understanding about what my life is like. You all seem very similar to me because we share some common interests. So I generally trust your advice, and I really need some right now...

    I am a college student in Florida and I am finding it really hard to be motivated to do the work I need to do. Balancing school and the fun stuff is something I have trouble with on a constant basis. I can just go and play video games or go mess around on the internet for hours. I turn in stuff at the last moment and always put stuff off. It's easy for me to wonder why I can't just go and do some work, but it really just isn't that easy for me... It seems I am very short-sighted and I like seeing immediate results for everything that I do. It's hard for me to connect the idea that my career is benefiting from logarithmic identities and pointillism. I'm wondering how you guys balance yourself if you lead extremely busy lives.


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    Get a picture of a nice big house with a nice car outside and tape it on the inside of your bedroom door. Every time you see it remind yourself what you're working for. Also, read The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, I found that book very motivating.

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    If your happy with a life full of nothing, if you like being broke or near broke all the time, just keep doing what your doing.

    It's your choice nothing or everything you ever wanted, the price is your education.

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    Look up a man by the name of Zig Ziglar. He is a world-renowned motivator hand has had "Get Motivated" seminars everywhere. His complete program is not cheap, but it is much well worth it. You can find some of his stuff on YouTube.

    Attitude Makes All The Difference

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