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    I started reading David Webers Honor Harrington Series about 6 years ago and finished the last chapter of the last published book about thirty minutes ago. One of the key and long term characters died at the end and I had this bizarre kinda sadness creep over me. Silly right, its weird because I have read a vast number of book series in my life But this one characters death really hit. I didn't care when Sirius, nor Dumbledore died, It didn't phase me when Raistlin Bought it. ( I know some folks don't know these names, its genre specific, I figure I am revealing my secret love for Sci-fi/Fantasy) It didn't phase me when the morning sage and eldest die. But damned if this one didn't leave me feeling like a buddy was gone, and he isn't even the main character.

    This ever happen to any of you?

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    Yes, when the book is written well, I will usually have a mix of reactions like at change in plot, when character dies, or when a climax arises. I have not read to many books that have effected me in this way. In Eragon when one of the key charter died I was sad for a wile. In Of Mice and Men I was surprised and saddened by the end of the book. Some authors do a good job building up a character and than killing them.

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    I was sad when Hamlet died. Leave me to my innocence, I was hoping it wouldn't happen. D:

    In Speaker For the Dead I felt really bad when Ender leaves his sister to go on a trip that would be weeks to him traveling faster than the speed of light, but would be twenty years to her, and she was basically killed off since she didn't come back. (She ends up taking a ship at the end of the book, but for the whole book I thought she was gone forever). The author even describes how she might as well be dead.

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    In the Animorphs series I was deeply moved by Rachel's death. She and Tobias were the most tragic couple of the series and KA Applegate wrote it so perfectly.

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