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Thread: Positive *B influence on your life

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    Default Positive *B influence on your life

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of negative things about being a *B/DL. I've heard some people say that they LOVE being a *B/DL, and they're so happy to be one, and that's fine...but I think if everyone's being honest, there are definitely some downsides to being a *B/DL. I would imagine that everyone has felt some negativity in our lives because of it, even if they don't currently.

    However, I also like to think that being a *B/DL can have a positive impact on a person too. Sometimes I try to imagine the kind of person I would be like if I wasn't a *B/DL ( as impossible and silly as that is, but still), and I think that I would be missing a lot of key parts of who I am, even just beyond the AB feelings.

    For now, I won't go into the details of it, just to save time and energy...but I may go into it later, especially if anyone shows interest.

    But, I would like to hear from other people...pretty much just describing how being a *B/DL has had a positive effect on your life or who you are.

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    Helps me relieve stress. Doing all the things a *B/DL would do.
    Such as talk to other *B/DL's, discussing certain topics and everything.
    It helps me forget reality, forget everything, and just focus on that one subject.

    Long story short: It's a great stress reliever for me.

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    I dunno, I always figured I'd prefer a life where I wasn't into this stuff, but this is the ways things are so... ya know, just gotta deal with it. There have deffinently been some negative sides to having AB/DL stuff as a part of my life, but there's been some good things too for sure.

    First thing I can think of is how this has given me a more open mind and stuff. My family always said they wouldn't care if me or any of my siblings were gay or straight, which is pretty cool, but when I was younger I thought that it was totally wrong and unatural. There's this whole chunk of society saying it's wrong, and I was agreeing with it. Then I figure out I'm into diapers, which is fairly strange I guess, and some time later I realize that it's something. Can't help it if I like what I like, cause that's just how things are. Same goes for everybody. You can been into the weirdest stuff out there, but as long as it's not doing anybody else any harm and you're not forcing it on somebody, then whatever. I don't think I'd have that kind of thinking if I wasn't into this stuff.

    Kinda building off that, just being on ADISC has kinda shown me what some furry folk are like. Never new anything about that stuff outside of that one CSI episode, and I've become a lot more educated since coming here. Not something I dig personally, but hey, it's been a solid learning experience and stuff.

    Another thing is that in the past I've written a lot of AB/DL story stuff. Not a fan of the some of it, but whatever, I've become a better writer because of it.

    So yeah, there's totally some good stuff that's happened as a result of this being a part of my life, and that's what I should focus on. Postivity and such, it's a good thing.

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    The only negative effect on my life at the moment would be having to hide everything(not easy with a small room). Over the years like everyone I have had times when i've wanted to give it all up, but....

    since I've discovered my AB side more, it has had a great impact on my life... i've now got a wonderful big brother and a daddy who I will be meeting next Friday . I can honestly say I can't remember any time in my life where i've been happier than I am now

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    I guess being ABDL has made me more understanding of Gay and Bi people.
    Being ABDL actually put me into contact with people of different sexual orientations for the first time, and I realized that they aren't all that different from anyone else in world.

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    I agree with everyone else about it making me more accepting of other people. Not just in regards to peoples fetish's or sexual oriantation but also to peoples general idiosyncrasies in life. I think its also made me a more confident person as, at one time I felt really degraded by it, but I came to realise, thanks in part to ADISC that its not so strange after all and what does it really matter in the grand scheme of life. So now I feel confident of who I am which, in turn, reflects in my persona in life.

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    Personally, I feel that if I wasn't a TB, I would probably end up being a drug addict or self-harmer or something equally bad. I really don't cope with stress well, even small things like studying a hit each day. But, being a TB, I can just bring my teddy to bed and feel relieved at the end of the day.

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    Being a TB has helped me quite a bit, I suppose. It's made me more tolerant of people in general, it gives me a good way to relive stress, and it's even improved one or two of my friendships. The only negetive part I can see is the part where I hide it from my parents.

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    Being TB/DL has made some of a postive impact on my life. Such as what Slang was saying. I never used to have such an open mind about things, but I wasn't against anyones desires or lifestyle. I won't judge people for liking animals, dead corpses, and poop. I accept people now, because I excepted who I am. Being TB/DL also relieves stress, and as soon as I'm an adult living on my own, I can use it to cope
    with my daily stressors.

    I can't think of anything else. But I'm sure I'll discover more positives about TB/DL

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    Ooh... An easy question to answer.

    The numero uno benefit of being in the hobby to me is the gigantic spectrum of people I have the ability to meet, that I would otherwise have never gotten to know.

    While I've got my regular friends, coworker friends, buddies from school, and so forth... Most of those friendships are formed because we share inherent commonalities, whether it be hobbies, homosexuality, and so forth. Being a social ABDL means that you will meet people that you otherwise wouldn't have taken interest in, and sometimes that develops into a lifelong bond.

    I've formed close friendships with people from all walks of life thanks to the hobby... Pilots, neurosurgeons, profs, garbage collectors, and even a grave digger. None of these people I would have met if it weren't for the thick padding between my legs, and I wouldn't give it up for the world!

    Being social in the ABDL world has other benefits too, like getting into Disney for free, discounted cruises, free plane tix, staying at Marriott hotels for next to nothing, and having a free bed to crash in in most parts of the US and many foreign countries.

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