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Thread: Sun Mate Adult diaper review w/ pics:

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    Default Sun Mate Adult diaper review w/ pics:

    So this is my 100th post on here after the full time it has been active. I thought I'd celebrate this inactivity by actually writing a post of some interest.

    As some of you might know I live in Vietnam and get to have fun with the local brands here. (Non of those western brands here I must add!)

    My favourite so far has to be the Sun Mate one. Though it's nothing compared to the abena brands or anything else it does have good thick plastic and a snug fit. It can also survive maybe 2 or 3 wettings which makes it quite average. It comes with the gel that most modern diapers come with. I also never feel uncomfortable in them and I think they have some form of antibacteria agent (or so they claim)

    The one great thing is it comes only in white with little heart and flower patterns that disapear when you wet it. Some of those things you only find on specialist fetish brands in the west.

    Overall though the best part is the price. At $2.70 a pack (or less) that works out at 27 cent a diaper. This means you can easily double up or use as a booster with a more expensive one if you are going for a long haul.

    In summary when I went back to England for 3 weeks and was using Delta form M3s I missed this diaper. Though it doesn't hold as much it has thicker plastic and a more 'baby feel'

    Hope you liked the review. Pics will come when I upload them...

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    Ok the pictures are in my album/profile. Can someone clever work out how to link them to a post....


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    Why not post the links here? Or put the actual picture in spoiler tags so that we can just open it like that?

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    Somehow that landing zone reminds me of the new design of the Secure Plus diapers

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    I wish I lived in Vietnam now. $2.70 A PACK!!!!!!!!!. The cheapest you can get here are like $14 a pack and they suck.

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    I was just looking online and I can't find these anywhere. They look so cash though :S

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    Oh yeah that's a bit of a disadvantage. You have to buy them on a street stall on a very busy street. I think the woman I buy them off knows me now. Well they don't ask questions and if they do it's in Vietnamese and (I pretend) I don't understand.

    So sorry folks you can't get these things online. In fact you can't order diapers here online at all!

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    The diapers look pretty good, and i really like the green on the tabs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omorashi View Post
    You should sell them on ebay at a fair price.
    I second that.

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    I'm in Vietnam!

    Sending things by post will be costly. (Maybe if we did a diaper exchange hehe. I need some X-Plusses)

    I could see if the company are interested in exporting...

    I have no shame

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