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Thread: 23yrs old and Losing continence Help

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    Hey everyone so im not sure exactly where to start but my names Sean and Iím 23 years old. Recently Iíve been noticing that its becoming harder and harder for me to be able to reach the toilet in time. With little to no warning of needing to go to the bathroom and many time not being able to make it in time. Its made it very embarrassing and difficult for my self trying to rush to the restroom on average about 8-12 times in a single day. Its pretty much gotten to the point that I feel I have no other choice but to start to wear diapers 24/7. Which at 23 yrs old this has been very difficult for me to handle. Having to wear diapers hasnít been easy for me over these past few weeks. I have to say with all the anxiety, fear, embarrassment and since of loose of control over my body has made dealing with incontinence extremely difficult for me.

    Now Iíve been actually seeing my Urologist since December for a different issue besides incontinence. I hadn't actually discussed my incontinence with him in fear of embarrassment only up until three weeks ago on 2/26. After discussing my incontinence and explaining my symptoms to my doctor he discussed with me that what I was experiencing was Urge Incontinence. After meeting with him has had scheduled me to come back to do a flow test and have a bladder and kidney ultra sound. I know my flow test came back normal, but I havenít heard anything about my kidneyís or bladder Ultra sounds yet which Iíll keep you guys updated. He did put me on a free trial of Vesicare 5mg to handle my Urge Incontinence and this is the third week and Iíve defiantly noticed a difference in frequency and urinate a lot less frequently now. Anyway I have to schedule another appointment with him and see what might be causing all this. So anyway I would love someone to talk to because right now im kinda feeling alone on this . Thanks Sean

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    Hi Sean, and welcome. I really sympathize with your situation, and I'm glad you're getting help with your condition. I totally understand what you mean about feeling embarrassed with regard to having to wear. I have issues similar to yours (although probably not nearly as severe), which means that I have to wear at night, and sometimes during the day. In my case, I have the sleep disorder narcolepsy, which causes some degree of incontinence, as well as some past abuse issues and PTSD. Depending on my stress/sleep levels, the sudden "oh crap I need the restroom" problem can get really sudden and difficult to control. I was in denial about it for a while, and telling my fiance how much of a problem this was, and that I needed to start wearing at night, was one of the most difficult things I've ever done. Fortunately for me, I was already comfortable with some age regression at times, so I was able to integrate the diapers into that and gradually approach a more positive outlook on the situation. But it's definitely still embarrassing and awkward at times, even with my fiance's acceptance and my own understanding of why it's going on. In your case, I imagine that having all of this come on at once must have been far more difficult and stressful.

    I think you did the right thing in contacting a urologist, and I'm glad you're getting treatment. The folks on these boards are pretty awesome people, and I'm sure they'll have some insights on how to make the best of things, as well as just being good to talk to in general. I hope you can feel accepted here; we're glad to have you.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I hope things work out for you. From what I've read, the type of incontinence you are experiencing (irritable bladder / urge incontinence) is one of the more treatable types.

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    Yes it is hard to deal/accept what is going on with our bodies. Glad that you went ahead and talked to your doctor about this. As Butteryfly said, if it is just irritable/urge incontinence it can be handled/treated easy with meds and diet change. I personally have noticed that when I eat spicy foods I end up going and going and going even if I don't drink much.

    I hope things keep going good for you and they find what is causing it.

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    Increase of acid irritates the bladder and makes you urinate more. Spicy food, tomatoes, acidy fruits, caffeine, etc. Hope this helps some

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