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Thread: Survey #2: "Diapers and More"

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    Default Survey #2: "Diapers and More"

    Data is being collected for the second survey of the correlational survey series, 'Diapers and More.' This survey covers an item central for many AB/DLs as well as many less central topics.
    Survey #2: Diapers and More

    This survey series is unique in that it doesn't assume we we're all the same, and average us all together. It was designed to correlate multiple answers to show our diversity. (Averaged results will be also available, but they aren't the focus of the survey series.)

    The first survey, "ABs, DLs, Etc." was extremely successful, with over two thousand responses. However, it couldn't address everything. Three sets preliminary analyses and a quick results summary are currently available, with more to come.

    Survey Summaries

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojodiaper View Post
    Hooray I took it...It seemed pretty well put together
    ^ same.

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    I like it. Great job once again, BitterGrey.


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    Very well done poll, although I thought that the lack of questions about older siblings when there was several younger siblings questions odd.

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    Okay, I took the survey a little bit ago. I think it was pretty good.

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    it was a good survey they covered most topics.....

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    Well done Bitter Grey! I look forward to seeing the results of this survey!

    Just finished taking it, thanks for all you help to our community!

    It is people like you who will help us and others understand why the way we are.

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    Also took it. It had a lot of interesting psychological content. I think this kind of information helps us understand who we are. There are some personality quirks which medical scientists are discovering that are attributed to brain function and make up. But I think infantilism is rooted in our past and upbringing. That's one reason why I believe some parents get angry when they discover their son or daughter as a tb/ad/dl. They may actually be searching their own heart and questioning whether they caused the condition. After all, they were solely responsible for their child's early development.

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