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    I was just thinking about maybe buying a cloth AIO. I was deciding that it woul only be about $20 and would be worth it. Just wondering though. Is it hard to wash these (only wetting) and if I order one, what do you think that the chances of my parents finding out would be, either wearing, cleaning, hiding or when it is shipped?

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    The chance will be high but you can fix that. If you actualy get it to your house past your parents... the best thing you can do is to start doing your own lawdry so it is an easyer exuse to wash your diaper. And if you can, put the diaper in a pocket of some sort so it is not see if they look inside. But thats the best advice i got. Just don't leave it out too long.

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    Im just a bit worried that they might open the package, since it is a chinese seller I might be able to get away with "There was a mix up" but they kind of already know, but have left it, I'm just worried to bring it up again. I don't do my own laundry and think it might seem a bit suspicious if I just start.

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    Washing diapers shouldn't be too difficult. You'll want to start by running the diaper through a cold-water rinse, or soaking it in a pail of cold water, to get most of the fluids out of it. If there's a delay between wearing and washing, sprinkling it with baking soda after wearing it can cut down on odor. The wash cycle should be set to hot wash/cold rinse, and you should use about 1/4-1/2 of the detergent you normally use, to avoid build-up on the diaper. If you have sensitive skin, it's a good idea to use an unscented/dye-free detergent if you can get one. The dryer setting should be hot, since it acts to sanitize the diaper, and you should make sure the diaper is completely dry before putting it away (since moisture trapped in the padding could result in mold).

    If you'd like to start doing your own laundry, you could say that you'd like to help out more, to have more control over when it's done, and/or that you feel awkward having other people handle your intimate apparel. I doubt your parents would complain or question your doing your own laundry, since it would be less work for them.

    As for getting a diaper in the mail, you could politely say that it's underwear, and that you'd rather not open it in front of people. If your family members pry, I think the best response would be to stay calm, not directly engage unless you really have to, and ask them to please respect your privacy and boundaries. The same basically applies to any later questions if anything is discovered: try to avoid getting into details, and focus more on the fact that your choice of undergarments is your own private business, and that you'd like them to respect that. It's possible that at some point you might meet with disapproval or teasing, but if you set up boundaries, maintain your privacy, and avoid letting them know they can get to you, they'll probably leave you alone about it eventually.

    Good luck! I hope this works out for you.

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    The all in ones from China are very cushy and comfortable. I don't like to wet them though cuz they can be difficult to dry. Running them through the dryer cycle is kinda hard on the plastic and elastics. I like to wear them over a disposable for additional thickness and protection.

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    In 40+ years of being DL I've yet to find an AIO that is any good.

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    Like satinprincess said, I don't think they are going to question you if you all of a sudden start doing your own laundry. And about them being suspicious......what do they have to be suspicious about??? Unless they already know about your *B/DLism, they aren't going to suspect a thing. I say, go for it, you never know until you try, and from my experience, everything always works out in the end.

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    The Chinese AIO's are EXTREMELY bulky. I bought two of them last year, and the package was huge. Picture a beach towel folded up. The dimensions of the med/large ones I bought are 10"x9"x4" when folded up.
    Washing is easy but limited. I would thoroughly wet mine and wash it on delicate setting with extra spin, no bleach or fabric softener (sucks) I had to turn it inside out so the spin extract will draw all the water out.
    The key is to spin extract to get it to dry quickly, otherwise it will be soaked with water and weigh about 15 pounds. I air dry it, you can use dryer on low setting but then it feels rough when i put it on. If you use a dryer, put it on as soon as it comes out and it will form fit your body.
    You have to wash it within 24 hours of use otherwise it will get smelly and stain, so you have to schedule around it.
    they are slightly more absorbent than a good quality disposable, it can take a flooding better, but it gets heavy and saggy after a while.
    My biggest peeve is the velcro on mine is starting to fall apart, and it catches everything, so it needs to be cleaned often.

    Although it is bulky, its not noisy at all.

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    Am I the only one who doesn't know what AIO stands for?

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