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Thread: Curious Kitsune

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    Default Curious Kitsune

    Umm. hi!
    I'm kind of new to this whole thing, and I'm a huge idiot when it comes to forums, but I'd love to talk to some people
    I'd like to know more about babyfur, and maybe eventually see how it feels to get adopted

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    Hey , welcome to the site. Fancy posting a little more about yourself? :P

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    Well I'm pretty open to new experiences, but i've never been part of a forum like this before.
    I like history, writing occasionally, and love tf.
    Aside from that, i'm not sure what to put :3

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    Blood Type.
    Favorite color of suture. (Believe it or not they have chrome!)
    The type of Muppet you would be in a parallel universe.

    Welcome to my world, hope you like carrot and tuna smoothies.

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    Favorite manga...........
    Vampire Doll.
    As for anime I quite like One Piece - extremely funny.

    Type of Muppet? In this universe I'm pretty similar to Statler and or Waldorf. I can totally imagine a babyfur equivalent of those two.
    Carrot and Tuna smoothies? I'll try anything once!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WelshKitsune View Post
    Carrot and Tuna smoothies? I'll try anything once!
    WOAH!! carrot and tuna smoothies, that is NOT something you would wanna try, even once :-p

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    A spoonful of icky smoothie would be better than an earful of taunting for refusing to try it :3
    How is everyone?

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    Welcome to the forum!!!

    What would you like to know about babyfur?

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    I'm not sure really. It's a new curiosity for me.
    I'm into other things such as tf, and for a while i enjoyed AR media but i'd like to know mroe about the roles of people who enjoy babyfur.
    The parents and cubs, you know?
    I want to do a story on it soon as well, which i'll definately submit to the site.
    The idea would be about experiencing a cub's body with a slightly mroe developed mind, but with no past memories to create the closest thing to innocence that an ar victim can experience without their mind changing. The dieas are still in the mix though.
    Eventually i'd also like to try an rp :P

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