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    Default Rhodes Island Newcomer

    Just a little bit about myself. I'm one of the older members and I'm
    so glad to have finally found a good forum to express myself. I guess
    that I am one of the older members, not to limit my contacts to my
    age group. I am willing to correspond with all reasonable people.
    I restore old wooden house parts for a living and have also restored
    2 P 1800 Volvos a 1969 and a 1973. I ma married to a lovely woman
    who allows me wear diapers and plastic pants but does not participate.
    I'll leave this for now and hope to hear from others.
    Thank you so much

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    Yay for more rhode islanders!

    Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your time here.

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    Welcome. I'm one of the older members as well. One of the really great things about this site is the acceptance one receives from its members. I think we tend to see one another through their avatars initially, and then by what they say. We all have different ages and bodies, but once we're on line, we leave the body behind and it's our mind and soul traveling through space. What an incredible phenomenon.

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    Default Nice!

    Nice to hear from a couple of you!
    I know that I am an older DL and that
    may freak out some of you .I have to learn patience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johntuna View Post
    I know that I am an older DL and that may freak out some of you

    Well, we have folks here that range in age from young teens to well beyond 60, so I doubt you will freak anyone out.

    You will annoy quite a few here if you do not tell us a bit about yourself.
    We have ways of making you talk, and contrary to popular belief Moo's system of satellites can track your thought waves through that pyramid shaped tinfoil hat.

    But I digress, Welcome to the site.

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    Default Thanks!

    I've been all to myself way too long.I've been ostrasized, therepised and catagorized and now I have a place to express myself where others accept and understand.Thank you so much.

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    LOL it's true, they'll come at you like a spider monkey.

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