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Thread: Race relations in US get set back 50 years

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    Default Race relations in US get set back 50 years

    "All Black People" Asked to Leave S. Jersey Wal-Mart | NBC Philadelphia

    A man used the public-address system at the Route 42 store in Washington Township Sunday night and calmly announced: "Attention Wal-Mart customers: All black people leave the store now.''
    Patricia Covington and Shelia Ellington were inside the store when it happened and told the Courier Post that customers and store employees looked stunned when they heard it.

    Ellington and other customers let store management and police know they were upset.
    They asked the store to use the same announcement system to apologize to customers that night, which it did.

    "I can't believe it in this day and age," Covington told the paper. "Wal-Mart needs to be more responsible."
    Covington and Elllington are boycotting the store.
    Hold on, it's not done yet:
    Women who are boycotting the store after hearing the message speak out.

    Sheila Ellington and Virginia Tinsley were shopping inside the Washington Township Wal-Mart along Rt. 42 in Turnersville, N.J. just before 5 p.m. on Sunday when they say a man came over the PA system and said: "Attention Wal-Mart customers: All black people leave the store now."

    Tinsley said her husband then called 911 to report what had happened.

    Clearly, this is segregation all over again.

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    Or a prick using the PA system without authorisation? The microphones are usually sat on the customer service desk....

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    ^ that. Walmart knows who their customers are, and they aren't going to alienate them by asking to leave the store.

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    Well, at least he used the term 'black', and not 'African-American' or the N-word. He did something right.

    This race crap is just crap. I personally don't care what race you are. I hate all races equally. :P Naw, but seriously, I don't get how someone could know what color you are and automatically judge you. Sure, I joke around with my friends, but.. to be serious about that? Gah. Makes me want to punch someone.

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    Set back 50 years... a huge overreaction. There are racist people in the world and that's that. Will always be. This is just one who did something stupid. It's not going to suddenly bring back the KKK. Someone might be arrested but that's where it will end.

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    Set back 50 years because someone was trolling over the system? LOL. Get a life, dude

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    It's a relatively easy, immature hack to get into the PA system at Walmart... just do a youtube search (the 9/11 truthers had a relatively funny series of Walmart PA pranks). Given the nature of their store, it's impossible for them to monitor all the telephones all the time. Furthermore, many stores actually have a way to access their PA system remotely by means of dialing a certain extension after calling the store. A reasonably intelligent person could probably access such a thing simply by calling the store repeatedly and trying different extension numbers until he found the one he was looking for. And that's if someone hasn't already published it on the internet.

    If someone went and spray-painted "We hate [insert perjorative here]" on the side of a store, would you blame the management for that? If someone ran though the mall shouting slurs, would that be something the mall did to people? There are a lot of good reasons to dislike Wal-mart, including their stranglehold on the media, their anti-union policies, statistically demonstrable gender-based discrepancies in their employment practices (, and documented incidents of race-based discrimination. But it doesn't make much sense to add this incident to the list.It's an article of culture that people will troll, and there's not a whole lot that anyone can do about that without turning society completely fascist.

    According to the linked article, the Wal-mart store manager immediately apologized for the incident. Even so, this hit the national media and is being investigated as a hate crime. I think people who say stuff like that should and will be publicly derided and shunned, and Wal-mart certainly has the right to respond by banning the perpetrator from the store and even suing them for tarnishing their reputation. It's not as though the police can forcibly change this person's opinion, and I frankly don't think they'd have the right to do so if they could. Free speech is one of the most dearly-held rights we have in the USA, and that means that everyone will hear things they don't like or agree with on a fairly regular basis. The public outcry about this incident clearly demonstrates that the US is nothing like it was 50 years ago. And to me, the idea that one person's nasty words could cause the reenactment of something as monumental as segregation seems patently absurd.
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    Butterfly Mage


    Whatever jackass did that needs a pink slip, pronto!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aidy View Post
    Set back 50 years... a huge overreaction. There are racist people in the world and that's that. Will always be. This is just one who did something stupid. It's not going to suddenly bring back the KKK. Someone might be arrested but that's where it will end.
    I can't say it any better than this, I highly doubt that this is anymore than a retarted store employee or a racist dude who was immediately escorted from the store.

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    Morons who want to boycott Wal-Mart becuase some ass gets on the PA and says something designed to piss people off.

    You watch now these idiotic woman in the story will sue Wal-Mart for something that was out of control AND they will play the race card and win. I bet 20 on it anyone else want in?

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