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Thread: Abortion

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    Default Abortion

    A serious topic about Abortion.

    Recently In Italy a political party named "Aborto? no gazie" ("abortion?, no thanks") asked for an international moratorium for abortion because abortion "deny the right to life".
    I know is a delicate topic.

    I have different opinion about it.
    on one hand I think it should be legal because if, for example, a girl get pregnant after a rape, can choose if she want to continue the pregnancy or not.
    On the other hand it's wrong to deny the right to life.

    I know many religions are against abortion or other kind of contraceptive, but I think they are the best tools for avoid an abortion.

    In the end I think It should be permitted, but people must not abuse of it.

    Your opinions?

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    I think that the woman can choose whether or not she can keep the baby or not...I know that it's a living thing, but it can't exacly have a say in the matter...Maybe if there was a more human way of killing the fetus, then more people would accept it...But yeah

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    I have my own opinions of abortion, though I of course do not force my own opinions on anyone else (unlike most people regarding this subject).

    I do support it, but with limitations. I don't think it should be used as a means of birth control, which is done a lot. They decide not to use the pill, or condoms, and instead rely on abortion simply because... well... they're idiots.

    I support it because someone I know has had to have a few, otherwise she may die in childbirth. As well as what Target_0 said, I support it because people may be raped and need one because they aren't able to care for the child. There are others I could list too.

    Women who get abortions often don't just "get one". It's a very hard, painful (emotionally and most likely physically), sad experience for them. So its not like its just something to do.

    I don't feel its necessarily denying the right to live to a child, either. People that say that they're killing a child within the first stage of development... if this is the case... then, male masturbation must be genocide, because plenty of sperm (each one a potential child), the ones responsible for beginning the whole process, are killed every time you masturbate.

    This is my opinion though.

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    I am the case of rape, or for medical reasons where the mother's life would be jeopardised if she continued with the pregnancy.

    I'm anti-abortion as a means of birth control. If you can't keep your legs crossed and your panties on then either keep the baby of give it up for adoption. There are millions of people wanting to adopt a baby!

    As for that picture two posts's in poor taste, disturbing and totally out of place in a serious discussion of a serious topic.

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    Eh... My opinion... I just really am against it. Many say it is denying someone the right to live. But I only think this is true if it is further down the line. Like if you get an abortion the day or week or whatever after, then it's not that big of a deal... Or if the mother is endanger if she would have the child it would kill her because she's to young(or old or for whatever other reason) then by all means have the abortion. But just... If it's a month or two down the line... I think at that point it's not an option.
    Overall, I just don't like it at all

    But that's just my opinion

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    I think in case is diagnoses a seriou disease in the fetus, for example a genetic desease or something worse, The mother should choose if she can take care of a children in that conditions. For example if the family is poor and cures are very expensive I think I'll abort.

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    I think it'd be wrong to take someone else's life for convenience.

    I wouldn't really consider it to be abortion, a case the mother's life is in danger early on, as the baby would most likely die in that case.

    A case at birth, where one or the other to die should be up to the parents.

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    I have no moral issues with abortion, I don't that there's anything really wrong about having one. But at the same time, I do think that it's a shame to kill something without good cause. The foetus is alive... I don't think it has a right to life, but I think it deserves the rights of a living thing. If you were to kill a fly for no reason I'd be annoyed, because it's a shame to kill a living thing.

    So I think there should be better sexual health education, and more condoms! And I think that they should be tighter limits on how long through pregnancy you can have an abortion. Hopefully this would result in less abortions.

    So I don't think having an abortion is terribly wrong, in some cases I don't think it would be wrong in the slightest. But I think we should be reducing the number of them, because having them just because you sex foolishly is kinda wrong, or at least not the best way.

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    I believe abortion should be legal in the first trimester under all circumstances. I noticed a couple of people above me say it shouldn't be used as "birth control"...could you clarify that? To me that means you shouldn't just say "oh, I don't feel like bothering with a condom, I'll just get an abortion if I get pregnant" and I could be wrong, but I don't think that's really a big problem. I mean, expensive surgery or wearing a condom, which would you rather have?

    I do think though that there are cases where someone might get pregnant and it would be better for all involved if she got an abortion rather than carrying the fetus to full term, even if it were adopted. For example, if the woman is a drug user or a heavy drinker. Now, I know it's easy enough to say "well, she should just stop taking drugs" and I do agree with that, but some people won't, and I'd rather see the baby aborted than be seriously at risk for fetal alcohol syndrome or being born addicted to something because of the mom's issues. Also, I think if a woman is raped and becomes pregnant she should be able to do as she wishes with the fetus, she has my sympathies.

    So, obviously, I don't really buy into this whole argument that aborting a first trimester fetus is murder. I don't believe it should be considered murder until the fetus has reached a point where it could potentially survive outside the womb, which right now I think is around 23 weeks with tons and tons of medical attention (which is another issue for another time). I don't think aborting a bunch of cells amounts to murder anymore than squishing a bug or eating beef is murder. That's not to say I think the decision to get an abortion should be made lightly but neither should the decision to carry the fetus to full term and put the baby up for adoption or keep it. Any way you look at it, this decision will have a huge impact on the mom and the fetus' life.

    Which brings up another point...I personally would not get an abortion. Maybe if I'd become pregnant in high school I would have, but as an adult, although I don't think I'm ready to be a mom, if I became pregnant I would accept it and keep the baby and raise it.

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