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Thread: New young punks?

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    Default New young punks?

    I have been noticing here in Chicago there seems to be a lot more kids getting in to punk these days. Most noticably in the hispanic community. I'm seeing kids with mohawks and studded jackets everywhere.
    Being an old punk myself, I love it!

    Has anyone else noticed this in their area?

    I would love to see that punk attitude come back in todays youth.

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    Seriously it's just a fad to them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post

    Seriously it's just a fad to them
    Spoken like a truly old person.

    But yeah, first thing that probably comes to mind when a lot of kids think punk is Green Day, and that's just beyond tragic. Straight up punk may not be as big as it used to be, but the whole culture is totally still around. Maybe folks just strated digging the music in Chicago again. Or maybe they just want to look different. Who knows? Maybe they're not punk at all. I got a mohawk a leather jacket, but I don't even listen to it much. But man, I look pretty dangerous and stuff. Also, because I immediately associate music in Chicago to the band, I'm gonna go listen to some of that now. Alright.

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    A couple of years ago I know there was a small but spirited DIY punk scene here in Chicago, But I haven't gotten out to any shows recently. Also it seems like a lot of the late 80's and early 90's Chicago punk bands have been getting back together and doing shows lately.

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    This thread smells like a nursing home; there are plenty of great punk/hardcore bands around.

    I actually read an article concerning a growing punk scene on Chicago's southside in Punk Planet before it folded a few years ago, so maybe it's still around? It makes sense that these marginalized kids would be attracted to punk.

    Hopefully they'll start some bands in the vein of Los Crudos.

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    There are still decent punk bands around, they're just not quite as common as they used to be. It really is tragic what people associate punk with and how it has been perverted by the media. meh I don't know I'm going to bed.

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    kids get a punk hair cut and dress punk and then think they are punk because of that. I think emo started that, back when emo started and people wanted the spiked hair, not to punk, punk style. It is so sad that so many people think punk is only a style, and lack the ideology and thought process that is punk.
    The important part of punk is the way you think about the world, it is all in the brain, it has little to do with a style or trend. When you believe in the punk culture, and have these thoughts, all the clothing does is shows people you follow this culture, and maybe it expresses a few of your views. The music is simply motivation to charge your thoughts. Punk and the style was started by bands simply as ways to express there views

    I am 25, and dont dress to much punk anymore, and to me that really isnt so important to me anyway. Punk music has changed so much since I was a kid, but luckily there are still plenty of good punk groups that have the right thought process going on
    My ways of thinking changes some over the years as I get older, but my motivation is still as strong as it ever was!

    Punk will never die as long as there are some people who have the thoughts, ideologies of individual freedoms, natural rights, freedom and the motivation to question there government, and make a stand for what they believe in, and never simply follow the masses.
    (I think I might have just quoted a couple songs there lol)

    I would like to believe that some of my punk thoughts shows threw in some of my posts here at adisc, and not simply my ducky's mohawk

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarqueeMoon View Post

    Hopefully they'll start some bands in the vein of Los Crudos.
    Jose Crudos from Los Crudos is in a band now called "I Attack" I hang out with the singer every now and then.

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    They're not punk they're dressing like punks though that's it.

    IF they were real punks they wouldn't need the clothes or hair to show it.

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