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Thread: St Paddy's Day!

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    Default St Paddy's Day!

    Right then lads! What's everyone doing for it?

    I'm working tonight, but I'm hoping to get a couple of pints of Guiness in beforehand, so I'll be a little bit tipsy!

    I just bought a t-shirt that says:

    So I'm NOT Irish (Kiss me anyway!)

    I'm gonna wear it to work tonight, and tell the lads who try to kiss me (which a lot of them do anyway, without prompting from a t-shirt) that they can only have a kiss when they have the stamp from my club on their hand!

    Sneaky, huh?

    Also probably a small form of prostitution!

    How are you all celebrating this great day?

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm of Irish descent, but I don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day (few pagans would!)

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    I, and most of my friends, are doing very little for it. Two of them are using the day off as a chance to play FFXIII, and one is lying in. No one is going to the parade, ironically.

    Though a lot of my classmates are getting drunk.

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    Going to get wasted!
    We're having a party at my house, but I'm unsure anybody is coming.

    Either way, probably won't remember much of tonight.

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    I'll be studying for the Anatomy final I have at 0800 tomorrow :/

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    Well, Nona and I are going out tonight for tea, but that's mainly (well, entirely) because it was her birthday yesterday and it's mine tomorrow.

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    Yay for St. Patricks day. You know for someone who doesn't drink, I certainly like this holiday. *shrug*

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    Ima be fuckin' representin' Ireland, mate! And I'm going to be talkin' like the stereotypical Irishman all day!

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