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Thread: Do you ever feel like your life is better because you wear diapers ?

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    Default Do you ever feel like your life is better because you wear diapers ?

    Do you ever feel like your life is better because you wear diapers ? I do. some times my job can be very stress full and when I get home I put a diaper on get my bottle and relax. when I do relax in a diaper I forget about all the problems I had that day and my stress goes away

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    Kinda. It sucks that I have to hide everything. I certainly do not want to go showing off my diapers, but I just wish it wasn't such a big deal. I would certainly wear pants, but things like sippy cups and pacifiers can't be hidden while in use. That causes a bit of stress, but it doesn't help that I don't have a bedroom of my own! Actually, it causes much stress that I don't have my own room! At the same time, I would not give up AB/DL stuff if I had the choice to remove it from my mind. I do like it, after all. Oh, and it does make me feel kinda unique too. So in some ways, it does make my life better. In some other ways, it doesn't.

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    Yes, I feel as though my life is, in some ways, improved by my ABDL side and the fact that I love to wear diapers. There are gifts in pretty much every decision we make throughout our lives. Being an ABDL helps me to be a lot more understanding of other people for their 'weird' quirks that they can't readily control.

    Now, as for the stress relief idea, I'm kind of in the same boat as ShippoFox right now, in that I don't have a room to myself (Arrgghh!!!). So, there is a lot of stress that surrounds concealing my diapers and the fact that I'm wearing them. I also can't really break out my pacis or my bottles while my roommate is around, for obvious reasons. Him being here also makes it so that I have to have all my diaper supplies in the basement and change in the bathroom down there. Once I get my room back, though, I'll probably move my supplies back up here, and have my bottles and such much more accessible. Then, hopefully, I should be able to be a lot more relaxed about all this.

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    Butterfly Mage


    For me, wearing diapers is a bit of a confidence booster. I also like how they feel.

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    It only feels better because we like it. If you asked me, a non-furry, "Would your life be better if you were a furry?" -- I'd obviously say no. Ask a furry and he'll say his life would suck if he couldn't get to indulge from time to time -- but of course, that's just because of our natural wants.

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    yes and no for me.

    yes: i can relax in a diaper and that helps me in everyday life, and as previously stated it makes weird quirks of others more acceptable in my eyes.

    No: hiding my items is a bitch. this causes stress. stress is bad.


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    Most definetly. People who dont wear diapers dont know what their missing! As to the fact of stress from hiding binkys, bottles and diapers, well we have are ourselves to blame for that. Dont get me wrong here im not judging anyone, I regretably am in the same boat as you. I dont know what im afraid of but I just keep hiding half of my true self from everyone. Hey atleast we dont have to hide here huh?

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    I think as all the previous posts have stated exactly how myself & everyone else about having to hide stuff.

    Yes CherryCake, they dont know what they are missing

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    There are some very practical benefits to wearing a diaper.

    Everytime I hear someone complain that they had to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and didn't get the sleep they were hoping for, I think to myself, ha ha, I haven't had to get up in the middle of the night for 20 yrs.

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