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    Smile Recommendations?

    Alright. now due to my current life and location, diapers in real life just cant happen right now. however when i am able to buy my own without feeling insecure and trying to hide or explain them... i would like a brand that is comfy, and childish x3 (just like me!) i am not concerned about absorbency, becuz diapers are something id wear for look and feel (mental regression) i dont plan on wetting or messing x3 ( mebbe i would if i had sumone who loved changing and babying me) so i ask you. What brand should i get? i wear size 38 jeans so im looking for snug fit size availability and just plain old cuteness ^3^

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    The only ones that would be "cute" would be:

    ABU Cushies (but they have horrible customer service) or

    Bambinos. These come highly recommended in the *B community.

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    hmm x3 not much choice there. Bambinos seem to be popular. how are the ABU Cushies? ever try them?

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    Cushies just came out last month, but there are a lot of people who have problems ordering from ABU. Either they take your money and you get nothing, or it comes months late, or it's the wrong thing, and on and on. There are reviews if you care to search for them on this site. Probably in the wiki.

    I don't wear at all. Ever. So I can't give you first-hand experience.

    EDIT: Here's one review. I'll look for more. I think there are two or three.



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    hmm... id prolly go with bambinos, and mebbe risk my money on the Cushies now and then. thanks for the help ^^

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    I really like the Cushies actually. I ordered some and changed my mind and talked to a service rep guy who said he would cancel the order. I'm just assuming he didn't or something because they came in. They are ridiculously comfortable, easy to take off and put on, they look cool, but they are not too amazing with absorbency (and hella expensive). The Bambinos are pretty dang nice though and they're absorbency is really good. I got a case of 64 for the first time ordering them because of all the pimping on this site O_o

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