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Thread: Demonoid is back

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    Default Demonoid is back

    Anyways for all you didn't all ready see it demonoid(a private torrent site) has returned after being shutdown by the CRIA. In an effort to help get the community back up on its feet i'll be sending out out invite codes to people who ask for them so if you want an invite just post here and i'll pm you a code.

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    Helllsss yess. I found this out like yesterday or maybe two nights ago. The database is still there so you can login with your old account, have your old ratio, and all the old torrents are still there. It's about time. I love Demonoid.

    I too can offer invitation codes if anyone is interested, just say the word.

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    I hope it gets closed down again. All of you that like to steal music and software make me sick. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigger View Post
    I hope it gets closed down again. All of you that like to steal music and software make me sick. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
    Feel free to purchase me a copy of XP, Photoshop and other expensive commercial-grade software, all my music (which I later buy if I like it), and games then. I won't complain one bit, and it'll be 100% legal.

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    Hmm you comment perplexes me tigger. I too share mush the same opion as jake i later buy the music i like after downloading it. Also i run a cracked version of several programs that i might add make most of their profit through big company sales who legally cant torrent programs. It's not really stealing as sampling for me and if these companies(the music one specifically) wasn't on such a rampage about downloading alot of torrenting probably wouldn't happen.

    Fyi i bought a windows xp disc. Now i restore my computer alot and after about the third time microsoft told me the activation code had been used too many time. That means i would have to call them and get a new one every time i restored which means staying on the phone for hours with a foreign person who just barely speaks thank you.

    (hopes this doesn't turn into a discussion on the ethics of torrenting)
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    Thanks loads D4L! ^.^

    I can send you one Kams just as soon as I can

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    i already sent kams one and mm3 you shouldn't have an invite yet you usually don't get them until later unless they changed their policy.(could be wrong though)

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