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Thread: Looking For Cyberpunk Manga

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    Default Looking For Cyberpunk Manga

    Looking for a manga/graphic novel akin to Neuromancer. I've seen Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex (mostly loved it, but haven't seen all of it yet; anime series version, by the way) and heard about Lain, but I'm looking more for a hacker-finds-espionage type book (I've really been interested in Hackers (movie), Tron, The Matrix (obvious); things of that nature). Any suggestions?

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    Dude pick up Akira its like one of the best cyberpunk graphic novels in the world.

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    Akira isn't technically cyberpunk, just dystopian. :/

    Lain, you really must see.
    Armitage the Third is Bladerunner-styled. Its sequel was awful.
    Technotise is excellent. Like William Gibson made a comic (and anime), if you're lucky enough to have access to either.
    Bubblegum Crisis is also somewhat in the vein of Bladerunner. Kinda a cross between Bladerunner and Sentai/Mecha anime with the best of both worlds. Both of the actual BGC series's (NOT Bubblegum Crash or AD Police) are awesome. I personally prefer 2040, but 2032 was heavily groundbreaking.

    There really aren't that many cyberpunk anime out there, or, at least not many which stick purely to the genre.

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    check out you will probably find something intressting there

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    Battle Angle Alita is cyberpunk I think.

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    I have Akira, but haven't gotten around to watching it. I've heard about BGC, but didn't know it was in a cyberpunk motif (saw it in a cosplay site). Wonder if 'Armitage the Third' is based off the Armitage in Neuromancer. Thanks for the suggestions, any more would be appreciated.
    Oh, what's usually better: manga or anime series (of the above)?

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    Ghost in the Shell. 'Nuff said.

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    Does .Hack/Sign count (or Megaman NT warrior XP)? Hmmm, technically some of the Real Adventures of Johhny Quest has some elements of Cyberpunk in it. (Argh, trying to think of other shows that haven't been listed here yet)

    For some reason I want to list Cowboy Bebop, because it has some elements of cyberpunk in it (radical Edward ^_^ and cybernetics: Spike's eye, Jet's arm, military chips disguised as poker chips etc.), and I want to list outlaw star too (because of all the cyborgs) even though neither of these are cyberpunk.

    I can think of a lot of steampunk manga for some reason and somehow I'm having a hard time with cyberpunk >.< I don't know why! I've heard Serial Experiment Lain is incredible and I've seen some still shots of it and it looks great, so I'd say watch it. Funny enough I just looked up on wikipedia ( yes, I know I'm lazy ) to see what their definition of cyberpunk is and what they give for some examples of Cyberpunk and apparently Heat Guy J is a cyberpunk anime and I totally forgot about Ergo Proxy, both of these are great shows and I'd really recommend watching them.
    I hope this helps a little.
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    not manga but worth a mention: Max Headroom: dystopia ...and with many elements of Cyberpunk, as in being near-future, an extrapolation of the impact of tecnology with an eye to its sociological impact, big brother, media manipulation of the population, implications of the net riddled through our lives like veins of mold through a blue cheese, that sort of thing... very influential on things like The Matrix, and with a hefty dose of Blade Runner and Gibson...

    Here is an excerpt, that will give you an idea of the feel of the show... YouTube - Max Headroom The Series - Episode 5 War (3/5)

    and the sort of thing that fills raccoons with deep delight

    I urge you to go out and get the original movie the show was based on. It is chock full of goodness.

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