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    I got the idea for this just now thanks to a very rare occurrence of meeting someone I know on FA. As many of you know, I work at summer camp, and recently one of my camp friends has changed his face book avatar to a furry picture of him and his girlfriend. His girlfriend had a very cool furry album of drawings and I looked through a lot of them. I really liked her style. Then, just a little while ago, I recognized her style in one of the pictures in the new submissions section. I looked through her gallery, and it was her! So now we've been talking back and forth a little bit.

    Another moment was when I was at Midwest Furfest. I was trying to sell commissions at the artist ally and was also working on a wood carving at the same time. I was busy talking to someone and someone else asked a quick question about one of my swords. I answered him without really looking at him, but his voice made me look closer at him. This guy was an adult leader for a scout troop that was up at camp last summer, and he hung out with me all week while he was there at camp. Now out of the blue he's here again! It was really funny. We talked for a good long while. Every once in a while we would both laugh at the such low chances of that having actually happened.

    So ya, the point of this thread is to tell your small world story.

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    I went to a resort in the carribean with my parents when I was 16, and it had a fake rock wall. The guy that supervised the rock wall climbing was from my hometown, and also graduated from my highschool. He was the only white person working at the resort.

    If that isn't cool, I don't know what is.

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    We took our family to Disney World during Spring Break. There had to be a million people there, and in the middle of the town square, the most populated part of Disney, we met some friends from our church. What were the odds?

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    My dad witnessed a car crash at an intersection and ran over to help the guy. He was first on scene. A woman ran a red light, whilst speeding, and t-boned the guy's car. My dad called 911 and sat with the guy while he moaned in pain. The car was totalled. Eventually a volunteer firefighter came up and said he also called 911, so my dad went to see if the girl in the other car was alright and she was fine. My dad doesn't like large groups so he got in his work truck and left before he got pulled in as a witness.

    My mom does volunteering for an organization that helps victims so they have someone to talk to if something bad happens, i.e. they lose someone unexpectedly, home invasion, rape, so on and so forth. My mom was working team lead and she got a call about a young man who died in a car crash and someone had to inform his next of kin. As team lead she finds another volunteer in the area who is able to go visit the person and try to sympathize.

    It was the guy from the crash. Sorry if it was a bit gruesome.

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    Mine was meeting my best friend from 10 years ago and he still reconized me. We are still friends. We found each through FA.

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