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Thread: Hewwo! =3

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    Default Hewwo! =3


    I'm currently considering myself a TB/DL, since i'm still not really sure how far into this I wanna go. I love anime, especially Furuba (Fruits Basket, for those not familiar with it), Naruto, Vampire Knight, and BlackJack. I'm currently working on my high-green belt in tae kwon do, along with getting my grades up for Knowledge Bowl ...(wish me luck, guys!)

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    another martail artist *bow* good

    and thats a nice selection of favorite anime's

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    Why hallow thar.

    I shall become the next hokage.

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    Gaara fan, right? ^-^ awesome, well, in that case, Hokage-sama, good luck! and Nice to meet'cha

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    Ja vol!

    Everyone who asked about my name thought I was talking about Gackt!

    Nice to meet you, too

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuteGaachan View Post
    Ja vol!
    It's spelled "jawohl". The way you spelled it, it sounds like it's full. Plus there's no gap in the pronunciation either.

    Anyway, welcome to the forum, Miyu. Good luck on your Bowl of Knowledge!


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    Greetings! enjoy your stay chips are on the right and diapers on the left.

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    Congrates on finding the only forum in the world moded by a peach.

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