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Thread: New Dry 24/7 Size

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    Default New Dry 24/7 Size

    So, I noticed that the dry 24/7 website was back up. I've been wanting to try them for a little while but, I never did because I was turned off by the strange sizing.

    Well they now have a new size between the old Medium and Large sizes. They have renamed the old Medium size to Small, and the new size is now called Medium. This is also in addition to some other changes. The new Medium size are white plastic, and the acquisition layer has been changed to a thicker material.

    Has anyone tried this new size, and can they comment?

    Unfortunately the new Mediums are really expensive (I'm sure it's because it cost the company a lot of money to make the new size). The original size cases are $99.95 each, while the new Mediums are $124.95 per 72 ct. case. Hopefully they will come down in price soon, as I'm sure that it will be a popular size for them.

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    I think this might help you out a little bit. I can justify probably tomorrow; because that is when my case is suppose to be arriving.

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