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Thread: To all the abused animals

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    Default To all the abused animals

    video.flv video by sexydude554 - Photobucket

    I warn you this may be difficult for some of you to watch.

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    I really wish I had read your warning.

    The idea of someone abusing innocence is one of my hot button issues.

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    I couldn't watch it all it really got me pissed off

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    I read the warning and I can assume what it's about and I don't want to watch it. Animal abuse is one of the issues I actually care about. When I get a job and money, I will be donating to various local shelters and organizations. Screw you humans in need! Ima give the money to the animals.

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    Yes it is about abuse. I have a big BIG heart when it comes to animal, hell i have 8 dogs, 6 cats, 1 bunny, 1 rat and 2 snakes
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    Quote Originally Posted by diapersrulez View Post
    I you want to know about animal abuse± | The Website the Meat Industry Doesn't Want You to See

    Although this is mostly designed to make people vegetarian

    Fuuuuck... that was just... wrong. On SO many levels...

    I don't think I can eat meat now, at least not tonight. I will get over the feeling eventually, but thats just wrong.

    BTW: That video has a lot of blood in it, not fake blood either. Real blood, from the creatures you eat. I am mostly unaffected by blood and gore, but the cruelty and action performed on those animals was disturbing enough. You might want a moderatly strong stomach...
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    *hides under a blanket* i'm not eating meat EVER AGAIN!!!!

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    ...I've made up my mind. I am SO fostering a baby kitten or puppy over summer break. ;___; Animal abuse breaks my heart, and so do the motherless.

    H-how could anybody hurt a little animal like that?! They have feelings too! (Which is also my argument against why my dog's not spayed. "Well how would you feel if you woke up and your nuts were cut off and somebody said 'NO FATHERHOOD FOR U!'?" Really, we have too many humans too! Why not cut off random people's organs, huh? Hmm....maybe it's just me as an animal rights activist and a granola girl. :/ Blehhhh /rant)

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    I try to eat meat as little as possible, but it humorously confuses me how on one hand we kill animals for food-- certain animals mind you, yet others are forbidden to be eaten like dogs, cats, horses, etc.
    Keep the cute ones alive, kill the rest.
    I also didn't watch the video. I've seen a few of them from vegan people and freespeech tv and can't do it.

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