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    Its been rather cold here in the northeast. I left my diaper bag (actually a softside briefcase) in the car overnight. I went out to the car in the morning and brought it inside so that I could get padded before going to work. The diaper I used was a little cool, but the baby powder was downright cold. I like to get diapered up and then sprinkle the powder in afterward. When I did this the powder was so chilled that I could feel it going everywhere. Felt quite nice. Further, I could tell that I got the powder everywhere I wanted it without missing a spot. Got me to thinking that it might be nice to keep the powder in the fridge or something. Anyone else try this, or am I nutz???

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    I find it nice when sometimes somethings are cooler than usual, like a pillow, sheet or drink. I enjoy cool showers, not cold but cool. Might be along the same lines as that feeling. I have yet to get some baby powder but it sounds like it could be a refreshing change once in a while.

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    I use the Johnson's Baby Power with aloe, because it has a cooling feeling. I bought it on a whim one time and now I'm hooked on the stuff. In any case it feels awesome!!!

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